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20 Things to Know Before You go Camping or RVing

Camping or RVing is a great way to experience the Sun Valley area, but there are some things to know to not only enjoy your time but to also respect mother nature and keep access open for all of us.

Before You Go

Before you go Campfire and Tent
PC: Sara Sheehy

Where to Go

There are tons of options for campsites around Sun Valley. Whether that is dispersed sites or reserved campground slots there is something for everyone.


The Sun Valley area knows a thing or two about the power of wildfires. So be sure to keep it contained, monitored, and properly put out.

Campfires Friends sitting by the campfire
PC: Sofia Jaramillo

Leave No Trace

“Take only photos, leave only footprints”

Wilderness Zones

With 4 wilderness areas surrounding the Sun Valley area it makes for a great resource to escape and explore but also something precious to preserve. So be sure to be extra courteous when in and around these gems of Idaho.

  • Permits are required for all Wilderness areas even just for a day hike.
  • Wilderness Restrictions:
    • No drones
    • No soap within 150ft of any water, even the biodegradable kind is harmful
    • No mechanical advantage. This means bikes, chain saws, anything with a motor, “no wheels in the wilderness”
Wilderness Zones area map


  • Fishing: have a license, know which species are in the waterways and which are protected and which if any can be harvested.
  • Idaho boating/paddle boarding regulations. Yes, even paddle boards require a state sticker.
  • Stay safe! Here are some tips

After your adventures you might need to treat yourself to some pampering or just a real bed. Or maybe the camping meals didn’t turn out as planned and your looking for some grub. If you forgot anything then don’t panic cause even though we are a small town there are plenty of outdoors shops that have ya covered. Remember to have fun, be safe, and be Mindful in the Mountains!

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