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Visit Sun Valley is a 501c6 nonprofit destination management and marketing organization (DMMO) for the greater Sun Valley area including Ketchum, Sun Valley, Hailey, Bellevue and beyond. In March 2022, Visit Sun Valley, changed its business name of 11 years from the Sun Valley Marketing Alliance to the Sun Valley Tourism Alliance. The growth in visitation and newcomers  in Sun Valley and the surrounding area prompted this change. Visit Sun Valley is adapting and evolving with the current environment of the Wood River Valley, committing to the needs of community stakeholders and residents. With the pandemic transforming tourism, increasing the desire for vacation/second homes, and attracting remote workers, the group’s efforts have shifted to communicating and collaborating with local agencies to focus on the entire visitor journey. With this new environment, the group has identified that it does not need to create additional demand but rather shift to managing the level that is appropriate for the community, including its business owners, infrastructure and quality of life. Visit Sun Valley operates the Visitor Center located at 491 Sun Valley Rd. Visit Sun Valley is a separate entity from the Sun Valley Resort.

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