Mindfulness in the Mountains

We like to think that the fastest way to Sun Valley, Idaho is to slow down. Inhale. Exhale. Slow it down. Loosen up. Pour a cup. Meet a local. Make a friend. Pay it forward. Take a hike. Take a nap. Sleep in. Stay out. Buy a round. Respect the land. Lend a hand. Be kind. Go well.

 As we navigate this ever-evolving world, we're asking that you practice Mindfulness in the Mountains. The goal here is to help us preserve the places and spirit found here in the Sun Valley, Idaho area.

 Mindfulness in the Mountains envelopes several touch-points that include health & safety awareness, recreating responsibly, friendliness & stewardship as well as developing an understanding of our mountain town culture.

There is a delicate balance to the small mountain community surrounding Sun Valley and it is up to us to decide how to maintain that equilibrium. We thank you in advance for doing your part!

Recreate Responsibly

Now is a great time to explore the great outdoors that the Sun Valley area has to offer. Turn social distancing into an opportunity to roam free and explore the mountain playground that we are so fortunate to have surrounding us. As we venture out to recreate, we kindly ask that you inform yourself on the proper information for recreating responsibly. This includes but is not limited to knowing proper trail etiquette, knowing where you can and can't go, how to clean-up after yourself (this includes when nature calls), knowing what you need in order to be prepared out in the elements, and knowing how to stay safe out there. Below are a few resources to help you #RecreateResponsibly.

Recreate Responsibly in Sun Valley, Idaho

Tips for Getting Out There

  • Know before you go. Check the weather, avalanche, and road reports before venturing out.
  • Know where you can and can't go based on land usage and activity base.
  • Be prepared to be self-sufficient. Make sure you have the proper clothing, food, water, supplies for getting out of a snowy situation and beyond.
  • Follow all local guidance regarding outdoor recreation, including guidance from local health agencies, state government and federal organizations.
  • Wear a mask when you cannot reasonably socially distance.
  • Leave no trace. Take your trash and everything else you brought with you back out with you.
  • Build an inclusive outdoor environment that welcomes and educates all identities and abilities.
  • #TagResponsibly - to avoid overcrowding and potentially pointing underprepared people to areas that are out of their ability levels to reach, we ask that you avoid specific geotagging of recreation areas.
    Know Before You Go

    Informational Videos

    Recreating Responsibly

    Putting Out Your Campfire

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