Mindful in the Mountains - Sun Valley, Idaho

About Sun Valley

It doesn’t get more iconic than Sun Valley.

Since 1936 America’s first destination ski resort has captivated the imaginations of ski bums, big city refugees, and lifelong residents who refuse to leave due to its uncrowded slopes, leg burning fall line pitches, and stellar guest service. But you don’t get to be a leading edge, year-round destination by resting on your 80 year old laurels, even if that history is deep in ski lore, celebrity sightings and innovation. Today, Sun Valley’s 2,000 acres of skiing across Bald and Dollar Mountains, complement a bevy of year round on and off-mountain adventures for the whole family. With an expansive network of hiking and biking trails, an unrivaled arts and culture scene for a town its size as well as some of the best and most surprising dining and shopping of any mountain town this is a place that once you visit you never will want to leave. The authentic small town, big life experience is as unpretentious and pristine as the mountains and rivers that surround the area. The appeal of the Original Mountain Town is felt by all who appreciate life lived in a down to earth, open arms-open hearts sort of way. We guarantee you will feel welcome the moment your feet hit the ground and that promise extends all the way to your dogs. Because, well, we love dogs.

But don’t take our word for it, come check it out yourself!

Giving Recognition

What we call the Sun Valley area today is located within the unceded territory of the Shoshone, Bannock & Lehi tribes. We honor and dedicate this land to these people who were the original caretakers of the land, water, and natural resources that we are so fortunate to enjoy to this day. CLICK HERE for more information on the history of the Wood River Valley.