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Awe-inspiring scenery, styled out venues, and top-notch professional services are just a few selling points that Sun Valley has to offer when it comes to meetings and weddings. For being such a small, quaint town, Sun Valley and the surround region offers up some incredible opportunities for your next occasion.

Groups & Meetings

For groups small and large, major corporations, and conferences we have the sophisticated hosting capability you need for a quiet retreat with Sun Valley as your backdrop.

Large-scale meetings are regularly scheduled events in this year-round resort community, best known for its world-class ski mountain, second to none mountain biking and hiking, big city arts and culture, and incredible fly fishing. Organizations like Allen & Company and Merrill Lynch as well as medical professionals and the Ninth Circuit Court are satisfied customers who return regularly to Sun Valley to make the most of its services and atmosphere.

Tech-friendly venues, private transportation services, quality lodging properties, and a bevy of on & off campus activities will bring your together like never before.
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If you are looking for one of the most romantic and scenic places anywhere for your wedding, Sun Valley is just the ticket with a robust offering of businesses who make the perfect wedding their business. It's the perfect place to tie the knot and celebrate it right with a rager that you and your families and friends will reminisce over for years to come.
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