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Ways to Capitalize on Remote Learning in Sun Valley

Schools shut down? Kids enrolled in online courses? Taking some online courses yourself to work on that masters? If the traditional classroom environment looks different this fall then Sun Valley is the best place to be. Not only does the Valley have all the resources needed to achieve academic success, it is also a great opportunity to expand beyond the standard curriculum and learn about life and Mother Nature.

Work Spaces

If a quiet place and fast wifi is what you need to crank out some assignments or to log on to a video conference then the library is probably your best bet. Newly remodeled and full of little work zones to try out, the library and its many resources are available to anyone with a free library card. If some background noise is more your style then the coffee shops and hotel lounges offer up a variety of locations to crank some productivity. Just remember to bring a mask and possibly check in at the front desk before you dive in.

Different Kind of Classroom

Some of the best lessons in life are learned outside of a classroom. Whether it is team-building and problem-solving games in the park, or sparking an early biologists interest down by the river, Ketchum has it.



Ketchum has plenty of river accesses that get you right on down to the water and provide a peaceful oasis right in town. Rotary Park is the easiest place to start on the waterfront, but don’t be afraid to explore and look for the green street signs designating river access. Want to really enjoy your food in nature? Then the Hemingway/Northwood Natural Area or the Sun Peak Picnic area are some great places to get a little further away. Also heading out Trail Creek past the Sun Valley Village there is a few picnic pullouts to enjoy.


Sitting at a computer for hours is enough to make anyone go a little loopy, but don’t fret because there are plenty of ways to break it up. Fun activities in the valley are great incentives to focus and complete some assignments and then be rewarded by. Imagine turning in an assignment and being able to go on a mountain bike ride! Whether it is hitting the trails, discovering a passion for photography with the fall colors, or perfecting a fly cast on the streams, the valley has some of the best motivators for productivity and distractors from the craziness.


Take time to learn about yourself and your wellness. Meditation or a yoga session would be a great way to escape all the chaos in the world and recenter. Fueling your body and mind are also crucial to a healthy learning experience. Whether it is by yourself at a park or on a mountain peak, or if you go to one of the many studios around you’ll find peace in Sun Valley. We have some great wellness resources here and here.

One last place to look is the Community Campus in Hailey, as a one stop shop for all your needs. Everything you could need from a gym, indoor courts, computer labs, quiet work rooms, coffee shop, etc. This partnership between the school district, recreation district and the College of Southern Idaho is a great resource for all ages year around.

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