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2018 Summer Concert Playlist

Sifting Through the Music

Here’s the scenario: you’re staring at a music poster line-up. You immediately pick out one or two easily recognizable musicians. You keep scanning and pick out a few others that you might have heard of. The rest, you are left scratching your head at. To get prepared for the upcoming shows, you spend the next week combing through Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL, YouTube, etc looking up the unheard of artists. It’s can be an incredibly painstaking process that leaves you in a pre-concert fog. It’s a dreaded task but inevitably will help you to avoid an unsavory show and leave some spare change for the next dreaded concert beverage purchase.

As you might have seen, we are blasting out a loaded concert list filled with bands that you will jump for joy over and others that will leave you wondering if you’d be better off staying in for. To take the confusion out of the 2018 Sun Valley summer concert line-up, we’ve put together a Spotify playlist featuring the favorite tracks from most of the performing artists. Put on the headphones on, sit back and get ready to jot down your favorite artists.

Concert Schedule

See you at the show(s)!

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