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9 Epic Trail Runs in Sun Valley, Idaho

Trail Running in Sun Valley, Idaho - Adams Gulch - Sara Sheehy

The hundreds of miles of trails in and around Sun Valley are a well known to hikers and mountain bikers. Sun Valley has an embarrassing wealth of buttery singletrack, incredible views, and uncrowded trailheads. If you’re inclined to hit the trail in running shoes instead of hiking boots, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re after a scenic cruise or a high elevation training run to punish your lungs and legs, look no further than these nine epic trail runs in Sun Valley.

Trail Running in Sun Valley, Idaho - White Clouds - Sara Sheehy

Trail Runs Under 4.5 Miles

White Clouds Loop

  • Best For: Runners Staying at the Sun Valley Lodge
  • Distance: 4 Mile Loop
  • Location: Sun Valley

The White Clouds Loop offers trail runners gentle climbs, a great view of Baldy, and a fast ending on a paved bike path. Begin at the trailhead across the street from Sun Valley Lodge. Climb the switchbacks on the Valley View Trail, staying left at the well signed trail junction. Continue onto the White Clouds Trail. The trail terminates near the Sun Valley Club, return to the Lodge via the paved bike path. Trail Information

Adams Gulch Loop

  • Best For: Rolling Hills and Varied-Distance Loops
  • Distance: 4 Mile Loop
  • Location: Ketchum

Adams Gulch has a mix of loops and terrain to satisfy any trail runner. For a classic run, head west from the trailhead on the Sunnyside-Lane’s Trail. Climb to the picnic table overlook before descending to the double track Old Adam’s Gulch Road. Turn left to return to the trailhead via the old Adam’s Gulch Road, or right to pick up the Shadyside trail, for a rolling run through the forest. Trail Information

Lookout Trail

  • Best For: A Steady Climb with a Great View
  • Distance: 3.5 Miles Roundtrip
  • Location: Ketchum

This portion of the popular Bald Mountain Trail runs through forest and across ski slopes, ending at an aerial view of Ketchum and beyond. Jump on the trail at River Run Lodge and climb steadily for 1.75 miles. Soak in the views at the wooden lookout deck before heading back. For an extra challenge, continue another 5.5 miles to the summit of Bald Mountain. Catch the lift down for free (summer only), or, run back the way you came. Trail Information

Trail Running in Sun Valley, Idaho - Greenhorn Gulch - Sara Sheehy

Trail Runs Between 4.5 Miles and 8 Miles

Greenhorn Gulch

  • Best For: Wide Open Views and a Regenerating Forest
  • Distance: 7.2 Mile Loop
  • Location: Mid-Valley

After burning in the 2013 Beaver Creek Fire, Greenhorn Gulch’s trails are ready for trail runners once again. The Cow Creek Loop, with it’s wide open bench surrounded by fire scarred trees, is a scenic cruise. Combine the 3.1 mile Cow Creek Connector and 4.1 mile Cow Creek Trail for a 7.2 mile loop through grasslands. Wildflowers are best mid-summer. Trail Information

Fox Creek Loop

  • Best For: Classic Sun Valley Trail Experience
  • Distance: 6.8 Mile Loop
  • Location: North of Ketchum

Fox Creek Loop, located just north of Ketchum off Highway 75, is a classic trail winding through sagebrush, along the river, and through the forest. Begin at the Fox Creek trailhead and run the loop clockwise to keep an eye on descending mountain bikers. The trail follows the river before starting a gradual but steady climb. The descent is a beautiful, fast run through pine forest. Trail Information

Carbonate Mountain

  • Best For: Sunrise Run with a Serious Climb
  • Distance: 4.5 Miles Roundtrip
  • Location: Hailey

Feel like a local with a sunrise run up the face of Carbonate Mountain in Hailey. Beginning at the trailhead just across the Big Wood River on Bullion Street, a handful of long switchback traverse the 1,500 feet of elevation to the top. The views are panoramic, and the leg burn spectacular. Trail Information

Trail Running in Sun Valley, Idaho - Pioneer Cabin - Sara Sheehy

Trail Runs Over 8 Miles

Pioneer Cabin

  • Best For: Epic Climb with Epic Views
  • Distance: 8.5 Mile Loop
  • Location: East of Sun Valley

Pioneer Cabin is a signature Sun Valley hike, and makes for an epic trail run. Climbing 2,800 feet in 3.6 miles, the trail winds along ridgelines, through wildflower filled meadows, and up scree slopes. The best part is cresting over the last ridge and seeing the Pioneers rise in front of your eyes. Return via the Long Gulch Trail. Trail Information

Redfish Lake Loop

  • Best For: A Long Grinder
  • Distance: 13.6 Mile Loop
  • Location: Stanley

Redfish Lake, known for it’s crystal clear waters framed by jagged peaks, is ringed by a rough and tumble trail. Begin at the Redfish Lake Trailhead near Redfish Lodge. At the first trail junction turn left to stay on the Redfish Lake Trail. The trail is a mix of forested ridgeline, rocky shoreline, and cliff scrambling. The trail terminates at Sockeye Campground. Follow the paved road back to the Redfish Lake Trailhead to complete the loop. Trail Information

Old Toll Road to Titus Lake

  • Best For: A Mountain Climb with an Alpine Lake
  • Distance: 10 Mile Loop
  • Location: Galena Lodge, North of Ketchum

From Galena Lodge, run north briefly on Highway 75 before picking up the Old Toll Road. This two track, non-motorized road climbs steadily for 5 miles to the summit of Galena Pass. Descend south briefly on Highway 75 to pick up the trail for Titus Lake, stopping for a cool-down dip in its chilly waters. Continue on the Titus Lake Trail to Galena Lodge to complete the loop. Trail Information  

Trail Running in Sun Valley, Idaho - Redfish Lake - Sara Sheehy

Now get out there and log some miles! We look forward to seeing you out on the trails. Last but not least, feel free to post a comment with your favorite trails runs!

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