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24hrs with a Local: Sawtooth Avalanche Center’s Annie DeAngelo, April

Since making Sun Valley her home ten years, Annie DeAngelo has embraced all of the professional, recreational, and social aspects the area has to offer. As Education Coordinator for Friends of the Sawtooth Avalanche Center, Annie wears many hats, coming up with events and ways to reach new people, putting on the education programs the org has been running for years, and collaborating with other local organizations. Prior to working with Friends of the Sawtooth Avalanche Center, Annie DeAngelo taught middle school math and science for the Community School for many years. She’s also been a NOLS instructor, taught ski school, interned with ICL, and is unofficially the Grumpy’s Social Director.

Her and her partner, ski patroller and Sawtooth Mountain Guide Toria, live in west Ketchum with their pit bull-chihuahua-poodle mix Xander. When not working, Annie is a woman of “endless” hobbies, as she describes it, but her biggest are whitewater SUPing, cooking, gardening, hunting, mountain biking, skiing, and playing in band Miscellany 7 (formerly Miscellany 5, but they’ve since acquired two more members). While most days are ideal days in Sun Valley for Annie DeAngelo, she described her perfect one here, taking a few liberties because, after all, this is meant to be the most perfect, ideal day in her adopted hometown of Sun Valley.

How does your perfect morning start?

Annie: I start every day in my perfect way: either Toria or myself goes down, makes coffee, and we drink it in bed while hanging out and cuddling with Xander—everyday. It’s worth the early wakeup times. Xander loves it, he’s a huge cuddler. We haven’t been able to train him to make the coffee yet, but he’s so food motivated, I’m sure it’s coming. Then we’d make a big breakfast with friends. It has to have eggs; your day doesn’t start until you’ve had an egg—that’s a core belief. I love venison biscuits and gravy. Brunch with friends is the ideal way to start the day.

And what’s after breakfast?

Annie: Then head to Galena Pass for some corn skiing. Two of my favorite things about living here are the community and the fact that we have this cyclical lifestyle that’s really tied to the seasons. I love that what I’m doing is so tied to the weather and that our weather changes so much throughout the year that I’m doing different activities. I think that’s really special about here. So in April, I’m definitely getting a later start so I can ski corn. This year it’s been fun being able to ski in town with all the snow we’ve gotten.

What about lunch?

Annie: At the top, I would magically transport a bowl of Roundhouse fondue and a hot chocolate from Galena Lodge. This is my ideal day, right? I can do whatever I want!

What’s your afternoon like?

Annie: Ski the corn down and ski directly to Grumpy’s (ideally! It’s my ideal day!) Meet up with friends, have a schooner, sing along to the jukebox (“Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” or “Friends in Low Places”). [Annie has a playlist called “Grumpy’s Anthems” if you need some inspiration.]

What do you do for dinner?

Annie: Go to Rickshaw for papaya salad, Asian greens, and chili udon noodles. With sake, unfiltered. Filtered is for the birds, man.

Anything after dinner?

Annie: Maybe a dance party back at our place or if I’m feeling more mellow, just hanging with friends on the couch.

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