Dinner/Nightlife, Lunch


Hours of Operation

11am-9pm daily

Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Grumpy’s was started on or around Cinco de Mayo, 1978… exact date unknown.  We are lucky the people there that day can remember anything.  It was the late 70’s after all.
The original owners were Gary Goodenough & Roger Eagan. Soon after the opening of Grumpy’s, Roger went and opened the only Grumpy’s ever connected to the original, in Mammoth CA Gary decided to stay in Idaho, and Roger went seeking his fortune in  the southwest. There are many Places named Grumpy’s in the United States. From Falmouth VA, Hobe sound FL, Minneapolis MN, St. Bonn. MN, Cincinnati OH, but … THE ONLY ORIGINAL GRUMPY’S IS KETCHUM IDAHO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It started as a place the working man & local could come, have a beer & burger and not be bothered; you see Grumpy’s has never had a phone.  Today, Grumpy’s is the favorite of local and tourist alike, “we serve everyone from Tom Hanks to the Town Drunk” a bartender was overheard saying.

We are a little hard to find, but not hard to find out about.  Grumpy’s has been featured almost yearly in the big ski publications.

Today Grumpy’s still won’t be to politically correct.. because, come on, let’s get over ourselves, breathe and laugh at a good joke, even if it’s at our own expense.  We will give you a hard time for ordering off the 1983 CHART HOUSE MENU…remember, we are Burgers & Beer, not Steak & Lobster.

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