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24hrs with a Local: Wyatt Caldwell, June

The Caldwell family is well-known in the Wood River Valley; as lifetime locals, their presence can be felt in various aspects of the community, such as patriarch Will Caldwell’s art gallery that was next to the Cellar for many years and his starting of the live music event Ketch’em Alive over 20 years ago (though he’s since passed it on to the city to run). Or mom Julie Caldwell, seen at every Farmer’s Market or daily Zenergy classes. After 20 years spent as a professional snowboarder traveling the globe and taking note of some of the best film and photo practices in the sport, Wyatt Caldwell has made a name for himself both in Ketchum and in media, partnering with his brother Yancy in their company Stellar Adventure Media which creates film content for clients worldwide, often involving outdoor brands and action sports. Wyatt and his wife, Lindsey, live in Northridge where they raise their two daughters, 3-year-old Fynnly and 1-year-old Rozalyn. Growing up in Ketchum with his brother and sister, Scarlet, Wyatt and Lindsey know first-hand how important it is to expose young kids to the beauty of this Valley. They do everything they can to give their daughters a fun adventure, whether that’s going camping, canoeing in lakes up north or down south at Silver Creek, picking out local produce at the Farmer’s Market, picking wildflowers, or going on rural, scenic drives, and hikes often to search out hot springs.. In the June edition of 24hrs in Sun Valley, we’ve asked local legend, Wyatt Caldwell to describe his perfect day

What’s a morning like for you?

Wyatt: Typically in the morning we’re getting the girls ready for school and play care while playing in the yard a bit, feeding our 15-year-old German Shephard/Border Collie/Blue Heeler Roupert, watering the flowers and vegetables in the garden. My wife is a horse trainer—she’s the owner and operator of Wood River Equestrian Center on Buttercup Road, which is just a ¼ mile north of our house, and our Stellar Media office is next to Apple’s Bar & Grill in Warm Springs so I bring the girls north by default. We laugh and giggle all the way to town and then I drop them off at summer camp, Big Wood for Finley and Growing Garden for Rozalyn.

What’s after that?

Wyatt: I usually go to the office for a minute to check in on the day’s activities. If we have a shoot, we’re out shooting outdoors in a cool location, but if not, then I’ll do a bit of editing, networking, planning, and then sneak out for a bike ride.

Where do you like to ride?

Wyatt: I would mountain bike or e-bike in Oregon Gulch or north of Ketchum. Our local network of trails is very expansive; I feel like I can only scratch the surface of the trail system on my mountain bikes which motivates me to ride singletrack moto bikes on big loops over Dollarhide Summit, Big Peak, Osberg Ridge, that whole area. It’s especially nice on moto or E bike when it gets hot out; you can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time with a cool breeze in your face. Oftentimes the moto and EMTB help to haul in camera gear into remote locations or ridge tops.

Where do you like to grab a bite after a ride?

Wyatt: If I’m not eating a sandwich at the trailhead, I’d probably head to Jonny G’s and get a High Alpine with aujus. I’m also looking forward to going to Apples this summer since they will now be open right next to my office.

24hrs in Sun Valley - June - Wyatt Caldwell

What’s your afternoon like?

Wyatt: My parents still live in my childhood home out Board Ranch, so I’d maybe go say hi to them, chat on the porch, and jump in the river to cool off. Then I’d pick up the girls from summer camp and do something outside; we like to take them on hikes a couple days a week, walking up Trail Creek where we stop and throw rocks in the river or go to the base of the mountain from my office and throw rocks in the river there. Fynnly is very into skipping rocks and making big splashes! If mama Lindsey comes north then we may do a pitstop at Grumpy’s for a corndog for the girls and a cold beer for us before heading south back to the horse barn. Fynnly recently got a miniature horse that is 36 inches tall and is named PJ. So Fynnly loves feeding him carrots and hay, brushing him, sometimes riding him. She loves checking in with her horse and riding the gator around the barn.

And what’s your ideal evening like?

Wyatt: I love to have all I love to have all of my family over—my parents, my brother Yancy, and his two-year-old boy, Rhodes. The kids love to play in our backyard swing set or sandbox. So I’d invite my mom and dad (Nana, Papa) and we’d all take a family bike ride on the bike path before or after having a family BBQ at our house. And of course finishing off a great day with bedtime stories and winding the girls down to do it all over again the next day!

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