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24hrs with a Local: A Day in the Life of Otis the Dog, May

Sun Valley is a dog town. It’s impossible to walk down the street, go on a hike, or even visit someone’s office without getting a friendly greeting from Ketchum’s favorite furry residents. And many businesses and areas strive to be as dog friendly as possible, making it even more fun for our fur babies to live alongside us in this beautiful place. In the May edition of 24hrs in Sun Valley, we’ve asked local dog Otis to describe his perfect day.

Sun Valley Dog Park
Ketchum Dog Park

How does your day start?

Otis: Woof! I’m very happy to be sharing my favorite day. Though all my days are my favorite in Ketchum. But after waking my mom up with my cold snout, she feeds me breakfast and takes me to the dog park where I get to run around with all my other dog friends and eat grass and drink from the river. It’s huge!

Then I got to go in the car with my mom to Java. She tied me up outside and lots of people gave me pets and she came back with a puppicino for me! We both enjoyed our treats sitting outside on the deck. Many people told me I was cute.

What’s lunch time like?

Otis: My mom wanted to meet her friends at Grumpy’s and brought me along! Sitting outside of Grumpy’s is so fun, there’s always lots of other doggos and many people drop French fries. It’s yummy!

After lunch, it was very sunny out, so mom and I went to Adam’s Gulch to walk and run. It was only a few minutes in the car and then so much open space!

Then we went home to take a nap. I take many naps every day, but the best are after doing something outside.

And what about night time?

Otis: It is very nice that so many places in our town allow you to bring doggos like me. Mom wanted to meet some friends for drinks and dinner at the Limelight Lounge and she decided to bring me! They are very doggo friendly; they even gave me water and a snackie while she sat at the bar with her friends. I was so happy to be with my mom, and she even gave me an Idahound elk antler to chew on while she sat there. I don’t know how long we stayed. . .that antler kept me very busy!

After mom and her hooman friends were done, we went home and cuddled on the couch. I was very tired after such a long, fun day with my mom. I a very lucky doggo.

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