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24hrs with a Local: Rescue Trainer & Brewer Paul Holle, July

Paul Holle is a man about town, someone who, even if you don’t know personally, you’ve probably seen at some point, whether it’s at one of the Sawtooth Brewery locations, teaching a Wilderness First Aid class, or shuttling his children around town. After homebrewing his own ales, Holle went pro in 2012 when he helped open craft brewery Sawtooth Brewery in both Ketchum and Hailey. The next year, Holle helped start Idaho Rescue Training, which offers wilderness emergency medical courses to everyone from lay responders to outdoor professionals. He, his wife, Colleen; their two kids, 4-year-old Bryce and 8-month-old Theo; and their dog and cat live in Hailey, spending their free time taking family camping trips in the camper, rafting, hiking, and enjoying life in the Wood River Valley. In the July edition of 24hrs in Sun Valley, we’ve asked Paul to describe his perfect day.

How does your perfect morning start?

Paul: Sleeping in, cooking waffles with the kids, and drinking coffee. I like to put fresh berries in them and whipped cream on top. Then maybe go for a hike with the kids with the little one napping in the backpack and the four-year-old hiking at toddler speed. We really like hiking Adam’s Gulch and Proctor. We haven’t done those with the eight-month-old yet, but those would be good ones or even just hiking behind the house. We live on the Toe of the Hill trail so just going up one of the canyons east of Hailey.

Would you bring snacks or lunch, or prefer to eat out after an excursion?

Paul: We would head to Sawtooth Brewery for lunch—Bryce loves the mac and cheese, Theo eats whatever we put in front of him, Colleen likes anything that includes tots on the side, and then I usually go for the special. And in summer I like to drink the Cold Springs Pilsner and Colleen will have a little bit of the Pika Peanut Butter Milk Stout. Bryce just wants water, he actually doesn’t like root beer. And definitely some jalapeño poppers as an appetizer.

What does your afternoon look like?

Paul: After a nap (for everybody), it’d be fun to go to some live music like Hailey Alive, Ketch’em Alive, or any family-friendly late afternoon outdoor music. Any of the options in Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum like the Symphony, the Spud—anywhere you just get to chill and be outside. Bryce loves it. He steals strawberries from people, it’s hilarious.

Would you do dinner at home, out, or bring a picnic?

Paul: Definitely a picnic. We’d bring a bottle of wine and some charcuterie. And we usually do some homemade chicken salad. Or if we wanted a treat, we would grab the pre-made meal from Saffron, like if we were going to the Symphony. If we were going to either Hailey Alive or Ketch’em Alive, we’d eat at the food trucks.

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