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What We’re Made Of: Sun Valley Bronze

When it comes to locally made hardware in the Wood River Valley, Sun Valley Bronze has you covered. This long-standing institution in the valley is an inspiration. Get to know them in this edition of, “What We’re Made Of.”

Sun Valley Bronze

What has now become a 30-plus-year institution in the Wood River Valley once had very humble beginnings, with founder Bob Commons starting Sun Valley Bronze (SVB) in his garage. Back in 1992, Bob was working in construction, building the high-end homes so ubiquitous in the area, while his wife, Debbie, drafted architectural plans. Frustrated by the lack of luxury hardware available for the jobs he was working on, and with 15 years of thoughts of starting his own business, Bob began experimenting with the casting process using old foundry equipment he purchased from the local high school shop department. Since then, the company has evolved into an internationally sold brand used by some of the top architects and designers in the world. What was once created in a garage is now operated out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that utilizes robotics, CNC machines for patterning and machining, and 3D printing for prototyping.

The luxury architectural hardware created by SVB has always been and continues to be of the highest quality. The company was founded with the goal to create something better, more durable, and with greater integrity than what was on the market, and that still rings true today. SVB offers a collection of solid bronze architectural door, window, kitchen and bath hardware, lighting, plumbing, and home accessories that utilize innovative design and manufacturing to ensure great style combined with superior performance. Not only that, the company was recognized as a pollution prevention champion in the state of Idaho in 2018 for their efforts to protect the environment. Sun Valley Bronze also operates with a LEAN manufacturing standard that promotes zero waste.

            Much of the product is made with as much care as when the company started, the company itself has remained the same in that it is still family owned and operated. Bob and Debbie continue to operate SVB alongside their son, Josh Commons; daughter, Aimee Commons; and nephew Billy Collins and his wife Teresa, alongside a team of 65 machinists, foundry technicians, skilled artisans, and customer support.

            As an internationally recognized brand sold to high-end clients, architects, and designers around the world, SVB could have easily located elsewhere years ago. But keeping the manufacturing process in Idaho has ensured that SVB provides local jobs, supports the local economy, and reduces its footprint.  

“We love living and working in the Wood River Valley,” says Aimee. “This is our home, and we are lucky to have our company located in this beautiful part of Idaho.  Sun Valley attracts great talent.  Our employees are aligned with us in our efforts to create the highest quality products and maintain a sustainable workplace committed to protecting the environment.  We feel so grateful to operate our business just a few miles from our home, surrounded by our gorgeous mountains and clear skies.”

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