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24hrs with a Local: Miles to Go Fitness’ Miles Fink-Debray, November

Ski season is almost upon us which means it’s the perfect time to start leveling up your training! And when it comes to training for ski season, Miles Fink-Debray is your man. The elite athlete has worked with high-level trainers and athletes in multiple sports for his whole life. He has taken that experience and directed it into his own training gym, Miles to Go. When he’s not training clients at the gym of the portable van gym that makes house calls, he’s practicing what he preaches by participating (and often winning) local events like the Baldy Hill Climb or Suffer Fest, the “World’s Toughest 10K” which he created. He’s also in the top 75 world rank in skiing, an amateur national mountain bike champ, and 2012 Sun Valley Athlete of the Year. Before the intensity of the ski season begins, Miles walks us through an ideal 24hrs in Sun Valley fall day.

How does your perfect fall day start?

Miles: I work and workout all week, so Saturdays are designated for me. I love having the access to the outdoor right out my doorstep in Warm Springs to mountain bike, hike, run, and skate ski. I start by making coffee at home in my French press, then I like to take really long walks on the bike path. I would walk to brunch at the Konditorei and order the Brass Ranch Omelet.

Where are you heading after breakfast?


Strength training at my studio is the absolute staple to my routine that has me ready for all the sports I do. I do three strength-training days a week and my approach is all focused on functional athletic training mostly made up of heavy lifting, muscular endurance, sprinting, and a lot of dynamic plyometrics. This is the foundation that allows me to get after it whether I’m skiing, running, cycling, etc.

One of the most simple, effective workouts that someone could literally do anywhere that will have your legs absolutely bulletproof for ski season is walking lunges anywhere from 10-30 minutes consecutively. Do this and you’ll be ripping turns all day long.

After training, I might grab a bottle of wine to have a picnic at one of the nice spots along the Harriman Trail.

Harriman Trail.

Where does your afternoon/evening take you?

Miles: I’d walk my way back home and then go to Michel’s Christiana for dinner. Their mussels are my absolute favorite thing, and their burger is one of the best I’ve had anywhere in the world. And I think they do a great martini.

Any after-dinner plans?

Miles: I’m not big on going out but in the winter, going to the hot springs is pretty incredible, especially under the stars. I don’t like to do too much on my day off, just nice, peaceful things.

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