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How to Ketch’em Alive this Summer

There is no better place to be in Sun Valley on a summer Tuesday night than Ketch’em Alive.

Ketch’em Alive is a free summer concert series that takes place every Tuesday from 7:00PM to 9:00PM at Forest Service Park, from the last week in June to mid-August. National and regional music acts ranging from folk to electronica light up the stage as the sun goes down.

Getting ready for a night of music in the park is more an art than a science. Read on for our essential guide to Ketch’em Alive.

What to Pack

Pack three things for a night at Ketch’em Alive: food and drink, extra layers, and a seat.

Food and Drink: Bring a picnic dinner or a hearty helping of appetizers and snacks. Drinks of all kinds are welcome in Forest Service Park, and you’ll see everything from ritzy cocktails to cans of PBR. Forest Service Park is small, so pack a petite spread.

Nearby grocery stores include Atkinsons’ in Town Square and the Wood River Market on Main Street. If you’d rather not pack food, stop by the Limelight Hotel for appetizers and drinks before the show. There are also some crowd pleasing food and drink vendors located on Washington Ave between the park and the Limelight Hotel.

Clothing: Summer days in Ketchum can be hot, but the nights are always cool. Pack a light jacket or sweater to keep you toasty after sunset.


Blanket or Chair: All seating is “bring your own” at Forest Service Park. Pack a small blanket or a lawn chair to settle into for the night. When you get to the park set up roughly according to height. For example, if you bring a full height lawn chair place it behind those sitting on blankets.

(image: the wire cutter)

Getting There

Forest Service Park is located at 1st Street and Washington Avenue in Ketchum. Parking is available, but limited. The park is easy walking distance from anywhere in downtown Ketchum, and comfortable biking distance from most places in the valley.

Arrive early to get set up. If you arrive close to the start of the concert you may find it’s standing room only.


Enjoying the Concert

Ketch’em Alive is an active concert with kids running wild, adults walking around to talk with friends, and everyone dancing. If you want to be in the thick of the action set up your seat around the edge of the paving stone dance floor near the stage (right by the restrooms building). If toe-tapping from the comfort of your chair is more your style, set up on the lawns closest to Washington Avenue and the Limelight Hotel. 

Forest Service Park is an intimate venue and no matter where you are you’ll have close neighbors. Help more people enjoy the concert by taking only the space you need.

Are you ready to Ketch’em Alive? We’ll see you there!

More Information and concert schedule check: VSV Events Calendar

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