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The Future Strikes Back. Again! Sun Valley’s Kinder Cup Ski Race

Since most people still kicking today in Sun Valley can recall, the Kindercup has played a vital role in the ski and snowboard community.  Each March every little grom who has been ripping around the hill all winter gets geared up for the “Big Race”.  The valley comes out to enjoy a warm spring day and see what their little future Olympians are made of.  It’s that one time each season that the dads actually take a few minutes to sharpen the edges and smear some wax on the skis which have bounced around in the back of the truck like cordwood all winter. Moms nervously skitter about trying to talk their kid into putting on the race bib, hoping little Jonny has brought his A-game.

The Start Line of KinderCup: No Child Left Behind or out of neon.


The costumes have gotten brighter over the years and this past weekend was like walking around Toys “R” Us with your pupils dilated.  Tutus, dragons, wings, capes, you name it they’ve gotten it.  While it is all in good fun, you can spot the ones which have a competitive streak by that gleam in their eye.  Picabo Street, Olympic Gold Medalist, once won here as did local X-Games champs Zach and Reggie Crist, snot bubbles and all.

Note to mom and dad: Capes are dangerous but at times effective.


But for everyone it is not about the competition but about tradition.  It’s about life in a ski town where some things happen that you can rely on, the knowledge of tradition, the acknowledgement of the past with an eye to the future that brings a society together.

What would ‘Pooh do? Only one way to find out.


The concept of racing around poles stuck in the snow is as old as the sport itself.  And in this tradition the next generation is born to innovate and passionately engage in a sport which has made areas like Sun Valley what they are today.  Passing the torch to an ankle biter whose boots are nearly as long has his skis is all a part of building a legacy.  And from the over 300 racers who showed up and gave it their all this past weekend, you can see this legacy will certainly live on.

The podium awards hardware to some happy little ones.


Photos: Hillary Maybery



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