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Late Night in Sun Valley

Some say that Sun Valley is a sleepy town, but those folks are just the ones who go to bed early. What the area lacks in night clubs and velvet ropes it makes up for in pure, humble fun that keeps going after hours. Take a gander at this list of key locations. Just make sure you eat something before you go out. You know, to fuel the dancing.

The Ketchum Crawl

Sun Valley's Night Life Scene - Grumpy's

A typical evening out starts at Grumpy’s or Lefty’s for “real food,” before diving down Sun Valley Road to The Cellar for evening drinks. Once you’ve imbibed and remembered how good at dancing you are, walk down to Whiskey Jacques. Once the band is done playing and the fat lady has sung, follow her onward to close the night at The Casino, Sun Valley’s legendary dive bar.

Whiskey Jacque’s

Sun Valley's Night Life Scene - Whiskey Jacques

When it comes to lineups and lines out the door, Whiskey’s is a standard favorite for cutting the rug. The classic bar and dance floor has a wild west cowboy flare but is no stranger to strobe lights and regular DJs. Play it safe and dress for an occasion between the two (#discocowboy).

Summer Concert Series

Sun Valley Center for the Arts Summer Concerts

When it comes to outdoor concerts, the Sun Valley area manages to produce stunning lineups year over year. Check out the Center for the Arts concert series for national bands performing locally, or make plans to drive north for dancing tunes with epic scenery at the Sawtooth Valley Gathering. Events rarely get rained out, which has led to big name bands wanting to come back.

South Valley Nights Out

Sun Valley's Night Life Scene

Do not underestimate the fun to be had south of Ketchum. The Red Shoe in Hailey is a must-visit for good eats and live music. Silver Dollar Saloon in Bellevue is regionally famous for live music and raucous karaoke. Mahoney’s is another great spot just across the street. If you’re drinking, don’t drive. You can take the Mountain Rides – Valley Bus Route all the way south and Silver Dollar will even give you a ride home.

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