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Grab a Seat: Where to Catch a Show in Sun Valley

There was a time when I could guess where a performance in Sun Valley was happening. Depending on whether it was music, theater, dance, or a lecture, I rarely looked at my ticket…I just went to where I knew it would be.

My presumptive system came grinding to a halt this summer when, running late, I hustled through the front doors of the Community Library, expecting a lecture to have already started. The librarian looked up at me and smiled. “The Argyros Performing Arts Center,” she said, sensing my confusion. Damn.

Of all the problems I could have, this is a pretty great one. Over the past few years, the Sun Valley area has burst to life with new and remodeled locations to experience one of the most vibrant cultural calendars in the West.

With no further ado, here are just a few of the spots to catch your next show or performance in Sun Valley.

Outdoor Venues

When I have visitors in town, one of the first places I take them is to see the Sun Valley Pavilion at Sun Valley Resort. Beautiful in its own right, the Pavilion is arguably the premier outdoor venue in the area. The Pavilion opened in 2008 as the permanent home of the Sun Valley Music Festival (formerly the Sun Valley Summer Symphony) but has since been utilized for popular music concerts, ballet, and opera.

Tal_SummerSymphony2012-LRG-3896 2.jpg

Sun Valley Resort’s River Run Day Lodge, on Serenade Lane in Ketchum, is also home to popular music concerts during the summer. The shows, which are often hosted by the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, utilize an outdoor stage that is erected on the front lawn of the Lodge, right between the Roundhouse Express gondola and River Run quad chairlift.

For something a bit more intimate, check out the free Tuesday night concerts at Forest Service Park in Ketchum during the summer. Ketch’em Alive, as it’s called, brings rousing live musicians to the park and the whole town shows up to dance, see friends, eat, and drink.  

Where to Catch a Show - Ketch'em Alive

Jazz in the Park is another great intimate setting. These shows take place on Sunday evenings in the summer at Rotary Park.

Last but not least, Ketchum Town Square hosts the occasional performance put on by the City. The central location of this spot is hard to beat!

Indoor Venues

The Argyros Performing Arts Center, which opened in downtown Ketchum in November 2018, is a 25,000 square foot performing arts complex. It features state-of-the-art technology and one of the finest acoustic systems in the world. The Argyros hosts music, theater, lectures, comedy, dance, and film year-round. Though open for less than a year, the Argyros has already made a splash in the cultural scene of the Pacific Northwest.

Where to Catch a Show - The Argyros

Whiskey Jacques, in Ketchum, is a go-to spot for live music. Located on Main Street, Whiskey’s is a bar, restaurant, and event venue that keeps a full music calendar, especially during the summer and winter. There are shows for the younger set, but Whiskey’s is typically a 21-plus crowd.

After years of being shuttered, The Mint in Hailey was remodeled and opened with fanfare last year. Once owned by Bruce Willis, The Mint is a concert venue that regularly books national touring bands. It also has a bar and a family-friendly restaurant on the first floor.

Where to catch a show in Sun Valley

The Sun Valley Opera House is an iconic venue that hosts some amazing shows in the winter. Located in the Sun Valley Village, this spot offers a seated experience that will have you feeling like you’re at home.

Whether you’re in the mood for music, theater, dance, comedy, or a lecture, there’s a place for that right here in Sun Valley. Pull up a chair…we’ll see you at the next show.

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