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24hrs with a Local: Hockey player Mike (Taco) Curry, March

If you’ve seen a Sun Valley Suns hockey game in the last ten years, then you already know Mike Curry, better known as “Taco” to those in the know. The Alaska native moved to Ketchum about ten years ago and has been playing defense for the Suns ever since. When he’s not on the ice, Mike works from his home in Warm Springs doing headhunting for Walmart Global Tech. In the winter, he enjoys snowboarding and snowmobiling (in addition to hockey, of course) and in the summer spends lots of time on the lake water skiing and doing a bit of fishing. We caught up with Mike to see what his perfect March day in Sun Valley entails.

How does your morning start?

Mike: I’d start out with breakfast at either the Kneadery or something quick at Wrapcity. At the Kneadery I like the cowboy benedict—it’s rock solid. At Wrapcity I get the Mayday wrap.  

What’s after breakfast?

Mike: I’d hit the mountain for a couple runs, nothing too crazy. I’m a snowboarder, so I try to stay off steep pitches so I can cruise; usually I’ll do Broadway top to bottom for my first run of the day.

Where’s lunch?

Mike: I’d cruise over and see the Thomas brothers at Jonny G’s and get the Spicy Charlie—it’s back on the menu now, it was gone for a couple years.

What’s your afternoon like?

Mike: I’d probably go to Zenergy, usually my back hurts after snowboarding. I go sit in the hot tub and the sauna for an hour or so. Then if we’ve got a hockey game, I’ll head down to the Campion Ice House.

Do you guys have any pre-game rituals?

Mike: Honestly, we all just try to get there before it starts.

What’s for dinner?

Mike: We always head to the Pio after a game—hopefully it’s a win. The Pio usually stays open late for us, so we go get some steaks and a few celebratory drinks. I’m not too fancy, I drink Budweiser.

After dinner?

Mike: We’ll stay at the Pio for a bit, then go to the Cellar cause they always take good care of us there. Whoever’s still standing after midnight will head to Casino to end the night.

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