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Racing ’round the World with Local Haley Cutler

Haley Cutler is making a name for herself, not only here in the Wood River Valley but also in the skiing world. At 25, Cutler has jumped back into racing and is competing around the world, from placing 1st in Giant Slalom in Jackson to traveling across Europe for the Europa Cup in the Super G discipline. However, racing isn’t anything new for her. Starting as a young skier, Cutler was a part of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF), went on to ski collegially at both University of New Mexico and Montana State University, and then became a coach for SVSEF. 

When Cutler is not racing aboard, you can find her waiting tables at Michel’s Christiania, setting slalom courses for the U12’s, or socializing with just about everyone on the streets of Ketchum. She is both uniquely determined and incredibly vivacious- making sure she brings the fun no matter where she goes. Born and raised in Wood River Valley, Haley Cutler embodies the “work hard, play hard” attitude that comes with living in Sun Valley. 

What got you started in racing?

Haley: I began racing when I was very young, I think the Kindercup was my first race. I had so much fun doing it, my parents couldn’t get me to do anything else!

How do you think growing up and training in Sun Valley impacted you as a skier?

Haley: Growing up in Sun Valley made me grow as a skier in so many ways, both through SVSEF and on my own. The mountain is very challenging and it’s something I definitely took for granted when I was younger. The snow surface is consistently hard, perfect for race training. But it also provides the most amazing all-mountain skiing in the U.S. The steep terrain and challenging black diamonds evolved my skiing to a much more dynamic level of skiing rather than just strictly race training. Not to mention, how many people can say they have a ski resort in their backyard, the skiing is so accessible! Being a local in Sun Valley these days is something I cherish and I’m so happy to call this place home.

What is your biggest motivator?

 Haley: My biggest motivator is myself. I am in this for myself and to achieve my goals for myself. A close second motivation is all the support I have received. This journey to accomplishing my goals would not be possible without help from others, so they are a huge motivation for me.

Where is your favorite place to race?

Haley: This is an easy one! My favorite place to race is here at home, in Sun Valley! Being in front of a local crowd is the best feeling and it’s so much fun. Everyone should come out to support and watch U.S. Nationals this spring, April 2nd-5th on the Warm Springs side! Whoop whoop

Do you have a favorite pair of skis?

Haley: This is such a fun question! My favorite pair of skis are my GS (Giant Slalom) racers. This sounds silly but I feel unstoppable on them, very comfortable and they respond exactly how I expect them to.

We look forward to seeing Haley Cutler continue to race around the world! Catch her on Bald Mountain in April for the U.S. Alpine Championships.

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