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24 hours with a Local: Johnny G’s Subshack Owners Sinjin and Trevor Thomas

If you’ve eaten at Johnny G’s Subshack in the past year, then you’ve been served by one or both of the Thomas brothers, who purchased the business in November of 2022. Sinjin and Trevor, both locals, were already enmeshed in the casual dining scene of the area before taking over Johnny G’s, with Sinjin already working at the Subshack as well as Grumpy’s and Trevor bringing about twenty combined years of working for Grumpy’s and Lefty’s. When not at the Subshack, you can find Trevor playing for the Suns hockey time, working out, and staying active. Sinjin lives with his girlfriend Hayley Hinojosa (of Hayleywood Salon) out Warm Springs with their cat and “chiweenie” (a dachshund-chihuahua). While Sinjin used to play on the Suns, he now devotes his time to pond hockey and A-league hockey, as well as golf and watching sports. Check out how each of these brothers would spend their ideal 24 hours on a December day in Sun Valley.

Johnny G's Owners are brothers
Trevor and Sinjin in the Sub Shack

How does your morning start?

Trevor: I would wake up at 5, go to High Altitude Fitness and work out with Kevin. Afterward, I’d probably go to Java or Maude’s and get a coffee and a muffin. Then I would go skiing from probably open to around 1pm. I like Upper and Lower College—I like to just rip down. I like to go up the Warm Springs side—my brother lives just right there.

Sinjin: I’d wake up early, get on first chair at the mountain. I usually go by myself and then meet up with people. I love a good Broadway run, top to bottom. I’d do a couple hours on the mountain.

What are you doing for lunch?

Trevor: I’d hit Irving’s, get the chili cheese dog with the works.

Sinjin: I’d get some food and watch some football the rest of the day, hang with my pets. I like to make food: nachos, air fryer French fries, burgers. And I’d watch the Philadelphia Eagles; my dad’s from Philly, so I like all the Philadelphia sports teams.

What’s after lunch?

Trevor: Then I’d head to Zenergy and get a massage. Then do a stretch, soak, sauna—the executive workout. Probably have a smoothie.

Where’s your afternoon take you?

Trevor: I’d cruise by Grumpy’s and say what’s up to the homies. I don’t drink anymore, so maybe have a soda water. Then cruise home, get dressed up and go out for dinner.

Where do you like to go for dinner?

Trevor: I’d go to Enoteca and get the meatballs or the pork tenderloin. Or pizza! Then I’d get a disgustingly good dessert, maybe two-—DJ would probably send three.

Sinjin: I’d get a takeout dinner from La Cabanita. I like the Cabanita Platter al mojo. Take that home, eat it with Hayley and the little animal family.

Anything after dinner?

Trevor: I’d roll through the Cellar, say what’s up to the ladies and then head home, solo, most likely, cuz that’s how it goes.

Sinjin: I’d have a nice dessert. I like rice krispies, Nutella.

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