24hrs with a Local, Winter

24hrs with a Local: Tiffany Larson, January

In this monthly series, we check in with some of our favorite locals to find out how they would spend a perfect 24 hours in Sun Valley.

With the arrival of a new year — and a new decade! — it’s a good time to settle into your intentions and goals around wellness and self-care for the months ahead. There’s no better place to nourish your mind, body, and soul than here in Sun Valley, where living your best life is a part of our DNA.

For this “Wellness Month” edition of 24hrs in Sun Valley we’re checking in with Tiffany Larson, the owner of The Mill SV. The Mill SV, located on Sun Valley Road in Ketchum, is a running studio and personal training gym. It has a reputation for challenging workouts and a fun, community vibe.

Tiffany can be a tough coach, but she knows how to kick back and relax, too. Here is how she’d spend her perfect January day in Sun Valley.

What would you do first thing?

Every morning is a ritual at my house. The alarm goes off at 5:00 AM, and my partner Gary Tickner and I drive into the backcountry to exercise our five Great Pyrenees dogs. One of our favorite places to go in the winter is out East Fork, which is south of Ketchum.

How would you spend your morning?

After walking with the dogs, I’d head into my studio, The Mill SV, and teach an early morning running or strength class before returning home for breakfast. On an ideal day, Gary would make protein pancakes for the two of us, which are my favorite. 

For the rest of the morning, I would be back in the studio, doing personal training sessions with my clients.

What would you do for lunch?

I’d go to Cristina’s for lunch and get a BLT. I’m a BLT kind of girl! Some people assume that because I’m a trainer, I live on salads or something. But I eat bread, bacon, cheese…all the good stuff.

How about the afternoon?

In the afternoon, I’d get a 90-minute massage from Leslie Bray. She has a private practice in town, with her own space, and is a great massage therapist. After the massage, I’d head to Zenergy Health Club & Spa for a steam and a hot shower.

Any happy hour for you?

Definitely! My favorite is to go to the Limelight Hotel’s lounge and sip a Grey Goose vodka martini with my one-and-only, Gary. Before going to the Limelight, though, we’d take our dogs out for another long walk in the backcountry.

Where would you have dinner?

For dinner, I’d go to Cookbook Restaurant. The owners, Vita and Burke, are the loveliest humans ever, and they serve the best food. I’d have a dish of their spaghetti squash with house-ground Bolognese sauce.

How would you finish out your perfect 24hrs in Sun Valley?

Curl up with a blanket and a book and go to bed!

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