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Self Isolation Inspiration – Sun Valley, Idaho

A few days into social distancing and binge watching even the most addicting show just doesn’t cut it anymore. With everything going on in the world at this moment it can be easy to lose our minds or to sit back on the couch and binge watch our favorite shows as the time just passes by. That is why it is important to make some adjustments to the new normal or at least what life is going to be for the near future. We’ve compiled some self isolation inspiration from Sun Valley to get you through these uncertain times.

Mental Health & Physical Well Being

  • Maintain a daily schedule: Although we might not be going to work or running our standard errands it is important to maintain a consistent sleep and eating schedule. It can also help to create a new adapted daily schedule to help give your day order and structure which helps reduce anxiety.
  • Physical Activity: Although gyms and pools are closed it is still important to remain active. The BCRD bike path is open and plowed and the northern cross country ski trails are still being groomed and are open for FREE. It can also be as easy as taking part in the #PushUpChallenge at home or taking your dog out for a walk. Just be sure to keep your distance. There are also some great yoga and workout classes from Beth Stuart Yoga, Gather Yoga, Pure Body Bliss, The Mill SV, Zenergy, and Miles to Go fitness. Oh and we can’t forget Wednesday night line dancing classes streaming from The Mint (6pm MST)!
  • Spend time with your pets: Your pets are excited you’re home all the time, but being curled up in a blanket isn’t gonna cut it for them. So take them and yourself out for a walk! Maybe it is time to give your companion a spa day? Break out the hose and give a good spring bathing or a deep brushing to clear out that winter coat.
  • Stay connected: Although we are supposed to be social distancing that only means physically and not emotionally. Reach out to loved ones and friends and maybe reconnect with those you haven’t made contact with in ages. Something as simple as a quick text can go a long ways or even scheduling a bigger group video chat can give you some much needed social energy.
  • Mindfullness: Meditation can be an extremely powerful exercise to calm our minds and put us at ease. It can also be effective to set daily time limits for yourself when it comes to social media use or news. The Flourish Foundation has put together a great mindful audio resource for kids as well.

Online Shopping

Still have the shopping bug? Want to get everything prepped and ready to go for when we get the green light? Need to add to that wishlist? Then go shopping online or even reach out to some local business to get a gift card to reward yourself later in the year. Here are some local shops to get you started:

Self Isolation Inspiration - Online Shopping

Good Reads and More

Although the Community Library is closed at this time they have tons of awesome digital resources available at their website. Including: e-Books, Audiobooks, Magazines, Free Movies, Training Videos to learn a new skill, Pronunciator to learn a new language, and endless regional history resources. They’re also serving up book recommendations. Check in with their Instagram account for those.

Now might also be the time to dust of some old books or bust out that Kindle and start crossing off those titles that have been on your list for too long.

Support Local

If you are grocery shopping look for local items and businesses to support. Most products will have an Idaho seal on them but here are a few hometown options to keep an eye out for:

To-Go Ordering | A number of local restaurants are offering to-go ordering options amidst the non-essential business closures. Click here for restaurant details.

Gift Cards | In addition to supporting restaurants through to-go orders, we’re also encouraging the purchase of gift cards. The Restaurant Association has created the “Gift Card Give Back” program to help these folks make it through the tough times. For more insights, read the press release here.

Get Creative

Arts and Crafts are a great way to spend time with your kids but are also a great way to spend your time as an adult. Reconnect with that inner Picasso and bust out the craft supplies and let your creative mind take the reins for a change:

  • Adult Coloring Books
  • Challenge yourself with some new baking recipies
  • Tap into that inner child and whip up some papier-mâché
  • Get outside with a sketchbook or some watercolors
  • Learn some mixology and try out some new cocktails
  • Bust out a puzzle… or two… or three…

Interactive Art | The Sun Valley Museum of Art has put together a neat interactive program behind their Free Play. Here’s what they’re doing. “We invite you to help us spread positive message by getting outside, finding a rad rock, painting a positive message or image on it, and then placing it somewhere that the community will see it. The bike path, town center or by Atkinson’s are great locations. Once you find a home for your rock, take a pic, post it and tag @svmoa_jpc” Please don’t touch the rocks to prevent the potential spread of germs 😉

Self Isolation Inspiration - Painting in Sun Valley
photo: Mark Oliver

Movies & Videos to watch

Have you ever opened Netflix and it feels like your looking into a full refrigerator yet there is nothing to eat? Already binge watched Breaking Bad for the eighth time? Well here are some more local related options to spice up your watchlist:

Podcasts to Listen To & Virtual Tours to Take

If you’re not much of a bookworm go discover a whole new Podcast to listen to while you power disinfect the entire house for the fourth time. A few local entities have put together insightful podcasts and tours from their respected fields. See if one of these catches your ear or eye.

  • Company of Fools –Foolish Voices” | an opportunity for theatre fans and supporters all across the world to hear about how theatre artists, thinkers, and makers are responding to the current global health crisis.
  • Flourish Foundation – “Inner Resource Guide” | leadership, mindfulness and meditation for a wide range of ages are the leading topics for the Flourish Foundation’s messaging.
  • Sun Valley Museum of Art – “Virtual Exhibit Tour” | The Sun Valley Museum of Art has a new exhibition and are sharing it with you here, until they can throw the doors open again. Artist Matt Sellars was here the week of March 16 to install his piece, Ruta Alternativa. Join him by watching his video!

Other Recommendations

Trust me… There are plenty of things to do while responsibly distancing and I guarantee that you have barely scratched the surface of possibilities. But here are even more activities to pass the time:

Self Isolation Inspiration - Sun Valley

There will be no excuses when everything goes back to normal and all of your stuff isn’t prepared. Stay in shape, get your gear ready to roll, get your trips planned, and be ready to tackle this eventual freedom like an elementary school kid released for summer!

Stay healthy out there and until all is clear #StayHome.

We inevitably missed some great ideas out there for this piece. If you feel like we should make an addition, please email us at [email protected]

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