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Dog-Friendly Guide to Sun Valley & Ketchum

Bobby and Alli here, from Traveling Newlyweds! When you think of Sun Valley you probably immediately think of skiing, epic scenery, award-winning restaurants and friendly locals. At least, that’s what we always think of! We’d always heard people say that Sun Valley is dog-friendly, but we had never thought of bringing our pup with us. This summer we decided bite the bullet and let our big, sassy fur ball named Sally come with us to Sun Valley… and see if it REALLY is as dog friendly as we’d heard. Let’s just say it blew our expectations out of the park! (Dog park, if you will.)

Here’s our Dog-Friendly guide to Sun Valley, because if you have a dog, you have to bring them with you. End of story.


The Limelight Hotel

We can’t rave about this new hotel enough. Located right in the heart of Ketchum, The Limelight is modern, classy, and unbelievably dog friendly! From the goodies they give you at check-in (frisbee, treats, water bowl, etc.) to the dog-friendly lobby (the human food is amazing – and your pet will feel like a VIP!), it really is something special. We didn’t want to leave!

Knob Hill Inn

On past trips we’ve stayed at Knob Hill Inn, and absolutely loved it. It’s quaint, cozy, and has warm chocolate cookies at the reception desk. Oh, and they’re dog friendly too! We have yet to stay there with Sally, but we know she’d be treated like a star!



They’re anything BUT grumpy when it comes to your pets! Order a burger and a beer, and enjoy it on the deck with your pup!

Johnny G’s Sub Shack

Johnny G’s is a local favorite in Sun Valley, and it’s easy to see why. The subs are made-to-order and packed high with all the fixin’s. Grab a seat outside with your pup, and maybe even let them sneak a bite or two!

Limelight Lounge

We LOVED dining in the bustle of the Limelightlobby with Sally! Not only is their food delicious (get the pizza!!), but the servers are so sweet and attentive to pups. They come treats in hand, so get ready for your four-legged friend to get pampered!

Java on Fourth

We’re all about the afternoon coffee breaks, and Java on Fourth is one of our favorite Sun Valley spots to go! Grab a seat on the porch, bring a deck of cards, and enjoy the sunshine – with your pup in tow!


Warm Springs Dog Park

This dog park is a MUST. What used to be a golf course, they’ve turned into a dog park… meaning it’s huge, beautiful, lots of grass, and even a creek for pups to swim in! Basically, doggie heaven!

Adam’s Gulch Trails

Gorgeous, scenic trails that are 100% dog friendly. Because hiking with your pup is always more fun! Shadyside trail is one of our favorites!

Big Wood River

This river runs right through the valley, with a great path that isn’t just for bikers – it’s a great spot to walk with your pet. You can even jump in the river with them, too!

Proctor Mountain

This hike is about 4.5 miles and provides some incredible views of Sun Valley. This is another trail that is spectacular during the summer or fall, as wildflowers and fall colors explode all around. Start at the Hemingway Memorial to treat your dog with crossing Trail Creek to begin and end the hike, because they always love a good splash!

Extra Credit: check out these other great dog-friendly hikes from Visit Idaho


Thunderpaws Pet Shoppe

A dog’s dream! Squeaky toys, treats, food, and more! You better believe we left with the loudest, squeakiest, most obnoxious toy they had! (And we of course regret it later – ha!)

We also learned that most banks in Sun Valley love dogs too! So, if you need to do some banking, bring your pup along and there will probably be a treat waiting for them.

Care & Boarding

Sun Valley Animal Centerand St. Francis Pet Clinic are great options. Call for information/rates, and don’t forget your puppy’s paperwork!

We could go on and on about how truly dog friendly (or should we say, dog obsessed?) Sun Valley is… How you’ll get stopped on your walks or make friends at restaurants just because of your pup, or how we can’t wait to visit a bank next time! But really, you should just come and experience it for yourself. Guaranteed your pup will be forever grateful. Sally’s still raving about it! (You know, in her own doggie way.)

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