Sun Valley to Host Gelande Quaffing World Champs Qualifier

The Sawtooth Regional Gelande Quaffing Championships will be touching down in downtown Ketchum, Idaho Friday April 18th and are a qualifier for the prestigious Gelande Quaffing World Championships held in conjunction with Powder Week in Jackson Hole, WY each winter.

Gelande Quaffing is a sport in which a mug of beer is slid down the bar and leaps off the end to be caught and then immediately consumed.  The jargon is derived from the world "Gelandesprung" which is ski jumping on skis with alpine-style bindings.  "Quaffing" comes from the actual drinking rapidly of the beer which has just landed in one's hands.  

In head to head competition "athletes" compete for a period of time sliding and catching then drinking mugs of beer back and forth on a bar, with points scored for number of succesful slides, catches, quaffs, and stunts performed whilst sliding, catching and quaffing.

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