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24hrs with a Local: Silver Creek Outfitters’ Terry Ring, October

In this monthly series, we check in with one of our adventurous locals to find out how they would spend a perfect 24 hours in Sun Valley.

The aspens are turning, snow is dusting the high peaks, and it’s time to slow down into the delicious, golden-soaked atmosphere of October in Sun Valley. 

Fall is a season that long-time local Terry Ring, owner of Silver Creek Outfitters, enjoys to the fullest. Silver Creek Outfitters is a fly fishing shop, destination retailer, and a guide service. “We focus on the ‘Sun Valley lifestyle,’” says Terry. “It’s energetic, it’s outdoors, and it’s around town. We’re so lucky to have rich cultural activities, like the Writers Conference, the Symphony, and the Trailing of the Sheep, and so much public land to enjoy.”

“We cater to people who are out of doors hunting and fishing, as well as people around town,” Terry explains. “We are fire and ice—hooks and bullets, but we also have cashmere.”

After the rush of a busy summer season, Terry takes advantage of the slower days of fall to truly soak in all that Sun Valley has to offer. Here’s how Terry would spend his perfect 24hrs Sun Valley this October.

What would you do first on your perfect October day?

It would start with coffee. I enjoy getting up early and watching the day emerge from the night. One thing that I like to do early in the morning, and in the late evening, is to experience the golden hour that happens right after sunrise and right before sunset. I like photography, and I like scouting places to take pictures. I compose shots in my head, and then will capture them during the golden hour.

How would you spend the rest of the morning?

Depending on the weather, a perfect day would include a walk or a hike on one of the numerous trails in the Sun Valley area that we are so lucky to have. I have two dogs, and all I have to do is say the word “walk” or “hike” and they are ready to go.

What would you do for lunch?

I’d probably grab a sandwich from Perry’s or Bigwood Bread and eat by whatever lake or stream I was going to fish for the afternoon. Their sandwiches taste great in the outdoors. 

How would you enjoy the afternoon?

In October, the fly fishing guiding season at Silver Creek Outfitters is winding down a bit, so I’ll take my Airstream trailer and camp near Silver Creek, the Big Wood River, or over by the Big Lost River. I’ll keep my Airstream there for a couple of weeks and fish in the afternoon. Because the summer is so busy, I often defer my own fishing and camping experiences until fall. 

24hrs in Sun Valley - October - Terry Ring
24hrs in Sun Valley - October - Terry Ring - Airstream Camping Fly Fishing

Any happy hour for you? 

I’d drink a Manhattan while sitting outside in front of the Airstream, watching the sunset.

What’s for dinner?

There are a lot of excellent restaurants in Sun Valley. I enjoy CookbookThe Grill at Knob Hill, and VintageMichel’s Christiania is one of my go-to places, too. But if I’m camping, my ideal dinner would be a barbecue cookout, eaten outside.

How would you finish out your perfect 24 hours in October?

Dinner while camping can last awhile, so when it was over, I’d probably crawl into my Airstream with a book.

Have your own perfect day? We want to hear how you’d spend an ideal 24hrs in Sun Valley this October.

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