24hrs with a Local, Fall

24hrs with a Local: Photographer Dev Khalsa, November

In this monthly series, we check in with one of our adventurous locals to find out how they would spend a perfect 24 hours in Sun Valley.

A chill is in the air, and the snow guns blasting on Bald Mountain in preparation for opening day prove that it’s properly almost-winter in Sun Valley. Though we’re only weeks away from pulling out skis and boards, there is still plenty of fall left to enjoy this November.

Don’t take it from me, though. Dev Khalsa, owner and photographer at Dev Khalsa Photography, has a secret love of this in-between month. “Summer is super crazy with work, and then suddenly there’s Daylight Savings, which means less light each day, which means that I get more time to relax,” she says. “It’s a time to be cozy with my family and enjoy the leaves that are still around. I love that transition and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Locals and visitors alike seek out Dev for her natural, candid, documentary style of wedding and portrait photography. How has this year differed from years in the past? “This year’s weddings totally changed,” Dev says. “Some of them moved to next year, but others became these really small, intimate gatherings. There have been a number of people choosing to elope, too. They have all been a joy to shoot.” 

In these lingering days of fall, Dev enjoys spending time with her family in the beautiful landscapes in and around Sun Valley. Here’s how Dev would tackle her perfect November day.

What would you do first on your perfect November day?

I’d take a soak in the hot tub with my family. Our backyard is in the aspens, and we’d soak when it’s early and the air is cold. After, we’d go for a walk with the dog in Draper Preserve, near our house. 

How would you spend the rest of the morning?

We’d all go for brunch at the Konditorei in Sun Valley. The Konditorei is a family pleaser—they have eggs benedict for my husband, my kids love the Nutella crepe, and they have great vegetarian options for me. I love to have a not-so-sweet breakfast (they have amazing sandwiches and salads) and then a little treat, like one of their yummy pastries. 

Anything else you’d do near the Sun Valley village while you’re there?

We love the White Clouds trail; it’s one that we can always convince the kids to do. The golf course at the top is closed in November, and if there’s no snow, my 10-year-old, who is into gymnastics, likes to do flips on the green. After, we’d stop by The Chocolate Foundry for some candy.

What would you do for lunch?

I’d pick up grab-and-go from Jonny G’s Subshack or Wrap City, then we’d drive north over Galena pass for the afternoon.

You’re headed north! What would you do?

We’d go to either Redfish Lake or Pettit Lake. Both are super nice in late fall when there is no one else around. We might take our bikes and ride the Fishhook Creek Trail with the kids or go for a hike at Pettit.

There are a lot of challenging activities in the Sawtooths, too, but it’s fun to hang out near the lakes. My kids are 10 and 13, which is a great age because they can do everything, but they still want to be with us.

What’s for dinner?

On our way back through Ketchum, we’d stop at Rickshaw; it’s one of our favorites. It’s super good, and they’ll make yummy, simple dishes for the kids. Rickshaw is our first choice if we can get in there. 

Closer to home, we might hop on our bikes and ride to Powerhouse for food and drinks on the patio or head to Zoe 75.

How would you finish out your perfect 24 hours in Sun Valley for November?

If there was any light left in the day, I’d catch the last rays of sun in our yard and sit in my vegetable garden with the kids. If there were any plants left for the season, we’d sit, nibble fresh vegetables, and enjoy the evening.

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