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24hrs with a Local:Sun Valley Culinary Institute’s Karl Uri, July

In this monthly series, we check in with one of our adventurous locals to find out how they would spend a perfect 24hrs in Sun Valley for July.

(photo above: Idaho Mt. Express)

Hold onto your horses—summer is here! This is the season for hiking, riding, strolling, listening, gathering, and soaking in all the beauty and fun of a mountain town in its warmest months. After a summer of few events in 2020, organizers and organizations are pulling out all the stops to create an action-packed schedule of music, exhibits, speakers, and activities. So clear your calendar, slather on the sunscreen, and let’s do this.

For this month’s edition of 24Hrs in Sun Valley, we caught up with Karl Uri, Director of the Sun Valley Culinary Institute. The Sun Valley Culinary Institute, or SVCI as its known, is a culinary hub for the Wood River Valley, providing culinary education and experiences for residents and visitors. Their popular cooking classes present seasonal and relevant culinary experiences in the form of chef demonstrations, skills development, wine tasting, and hands-on time in their professional kitchen.

SVCI’s other offerings include a one-year professional program for culinary arts and beautiful event space in their iconic brick building on Main Street in Ketchum, built in 1884.

How would Karl spend his perfect summer day in Sun Valley? Let’s find out.

What would you do when you first wake up?

When I first wake up, it is always about spending the morning with my partner John and our dog Betty. We adopted Betty from Mountain Humane two years ago. She is 12 years old and the best decision we ever made. After coffee, we decide what’s on the agenda. We are members of the Spa at Sun Valley and may go to the Sun Valley Lodge to work out more likely in the summer a walk-through Elkhorn (our neighborhood) or a hike at Fox Creek or the White Clouds Trail at the resort.

How would you spend your morning?

After our hike, it is always breakfast at the Konditorei. I am a huge fan of the Konditorei; the food, the coffee, the pastries, and the staff. The Baked Swiss Eggs Rosti on the patio with a Morning Star (Cold Brew & Chai with Oat Milk), and I am in heaven. On an ideal day, I would then make my way to the Sun Valley Lodge pool and spend some time in the sun and the water.

What would you do for lunch? 

I eat a lot of Thai food for lunch; Ida Thai (Formerly Taste of Thai – Ketchum) is quick and delicious. Matt, the new owner, is great. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you should. If I don’t want to sit down – I head to the deli case at Rasberrys or The Haven and grab something delicious on the go and look for a quiet spot out Trail Creek or at Sun Peaks.

How would you enjoy the afternoon? 

I have a lot of friends on Walnut Avenue. I LOVE The Goldmine. I worked for the Community Library Association when I first came to Sun Valley at the Goldmine and then ran the Goldmine Consign before being sucked back into the world of food and beverage at SVCI. If I have a few minutes, I always stop and take a quick look. If you have 3-5 minutes and do it regularly you find amazing treasures.

Independent Goods, owned by Susan and Mark Nieves, is also on my list of places to stop by and catch up with friends I have known for over 20 years and see what new incredible maker they have brought into their store. There is no other store in Ketchum like it. I purchased an incredible Dolly Parton mug there the other day, handmade in Sheridan, Wyoming.

After a stop by to talk to Susan and Mark, I would head over to the Steve Eich Gallery and see my friends Steve and Nancy in their gallery next to Goldmine Consign. There is always a treasure with a great story to be had.  

Any happy hour for you?

If I go to happy hour, it is to The Pio to see Tom and the crew at the bar and catch up over a Perrier.

What are your plans for dinner?   

Anything outside. If I am not working at SVCI in the evening, I am probably dining out and dining outdoors. I am very fond of Town Square Tavern. I love the flavor profiles and the plant-forward menu. If I am not dining out at a restaurant, I would be at my favorite picnic spot with John and Betty and friends sitting by the river and taking in all the beauty surrounding us in this valley. We are so lucky to live here. That is where I would end my perfect day in Sun Valley.

Have your own favorite way of spending 24hrs in Sun Valley in July? Shoot us a note on Facebook to tell us all about it.

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