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Wanderlust: The Eastern Himalaya – Wildflower Diversity, Conservation & Tibetan Traditional Knowledge

The Hailey Public Library and the Wood River Chapter – Idaho Native Plant Society will co-host “Wanderlust: The Eastern Himalaya – Wildflower Diversity, Conservation & Tibetan Traditional Knowledge” with conservation ecologist Bob Moseley on Thursday, March 21 at 5:30 PM. Retired from a decades-long career with The Nature Conservancy, Moseley will share gorgeous images and discuss an area considered the most floristically diverse temperate ecosystem on earth. He’ll also examine cultural uses and traditions of ethnic groups of the region. Part of HPL’s Wanderlust series, the free talk will be held at Town Center West, 7 W Croy, and live streamed.

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“Stranger in the Desert” with Jordan Salama

The Community Library’s Writer-In-Residence at the Hemingway House, Jordan Salama, will discuss his forthcoming book: “Stranger in the Desert: A Family Story,” which will be released in February 2024. Inspired by family lore, a young writer embarks on an epic quest through the Argentine Andes in search of a heritage spanning hemispheres and centuries, from the Jewish Levant to turn-of-the-century trade routes in South America. One Thanksgiving afternoon at his grandparents’ house, Jordan Salama discovers a large binder stuffed with yellowing papers and old photographs—a five-hundred-year wandering history of his Arab-Jewish family, from Moorish Spain to Ottoman Syria to Argentina and beyond. Combining travelog, history, memoir, and reportage, Stranger in the Desert transports readers from the lonely plains of Patagonia to the breathtaking altiplano of the high Andes; from the old Jewish quarter of Damascus to today’s vibrant neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. It is also a fervent journey of self-discovery as Salama grapples with his own Jewish, Arab, and Latin American identities, interrogating the stories families tell themselves, and to what end. Jordan Salama is a writer, reporter, and producer. His first book, “Every Day the River Changes,” chronicling his journey down Colombia’s Río Magdalena and the lives of the …

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Visit Sun Valley, Sustainably!

Traveling sustainably is an important aspect of modern-day travel, and being mindful of our environmental impact while traveling has never been more critical. Fortunately, there are simple things we can all do to help preserve the environment and make our travels more sustainable. From using reusable items to picking up litter, shopping locally, and reducing our carbon footprint, these small actions can go a long way in helping protect the places we love to visit. In this blog post, we’ll cover some easy ways to travel sustainably while enjoying all that the Ketchum area has to offer. Bring reusables! Did you know that Americans use over 100 billion plastic bags each year? If 25% of families used 10 fewer bags per month, we would save 2.5 billion bags per year! Grab that reusable bag and water bottle and hit the town! This is a simple way to do your part when out and about and stopping in shops and groceries. Plus, our local tap water is out of this world. Pick it up! It can be a damper to roll up to a campsite, trailhead, lookout, or even a park and see pieces of trash around. Be sure to pick …

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Trekking & Photographing the White Clouds

Are you curious about exploring the Cecil D. Andrus White Clouds Wilderness? Intrigued by spectacular peaks and sparkling alpine lakes, but unsure how to plan your adventure? Join Idaho Conservation League at Elephant’s Perch in Ketchum on Wednesday, May 17th, for a presentation on Trekking & Photographing the White Clouds! Learn about the history of the wilderness area, must-see spots, and how to best capture the photos of this stunning backcountry terrain. Led by Josh Johnson, Conservation Associate at ICL, and legendary public servant/photographer/mountain goat Ed Cannady, you won’t want to miss this!

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Cruising to Idaho via the Columbia and the Snake Rivers with Marc Onetto In-Person

In 2021, as the border with Canada was still closed, Marc Onetto decided to head south and reach Idaho with his boat. This cruise took him from Seattle to the open Pacific Ocean off the Washington coast, to the famous bar at the Columbia River estuary and Astoria where the river cruise began. The 450-mile river navigation included 8 locks on the Columbia and lower Snake Rivers before he finally arrived in Lewiston, Idaho, at an elevation of 740 feet. Marc will share this navigation adventure and many beautiful pictures from the Columbia gorge waterfalls to semi-desertic landscapes in Eastern Washington and Oregon. In his talk Marc will also cover the controversial topic of the impact of the dams on the economy and on the salmon population. Marc Onetto, originally French, is based in Seattle and Sun Valley, Idaho. He is now retired after serving in senior management positions in major U.S. companies. Every summer, for many years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Marc cruised the Inside Passage between Seattle and Southeast Alaska on his boat: a 65-ft Marlow Explorer. He named his boat Lapérouse after a famous French captain who explored the Pacific Northwest coast from Alaska to California …

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Seattle to Sun Valley Travel

People from Seattle have long visited Sun Valley, Idaho for ski vacations. In under two hours, a nonstop flight will whisk you away from Seattle and right into the Sun Valley Sun. The mid-winter break that many Seattle schools get, often referred to as “Ski Week,” brings families to Sun Valley every year. There are several travel options, whether you prefer to fly direct, save some cash by flying to Boise, or take your time on a beautiful road trip. If you’re wanting to book a flight to Sun Valley, you have two options: fly nonstop into Sun Valley’s Friedman Memorial Airport (actually located in Hailey, 13.5 miles south of Sun Valley) or into Boise which is 2 ½ hours away by car. The easiest and quickest way from Seattle to Sun Valley is the nonstop flight from Alaska Airlines, flying daily through the spring and again through the summer (note that frequency changes depending on the time of year). Winter weather does present the potential for diversions. If your flight is diverted during the winter there is typically a complementary motor coach transport to Sun Valley. When flying out of Sun Valley, be sure to call the local SUN …