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SPOT STUDIO SERIES: Epoxy Resin Nightmare

EPOXY RESIN NIGHTMARE by Annabel Webster (NY based playwright originally from Sun Valley/Ketchum; Spot Young Co. Alumni) ​SHOW DESCRIPTION: ​Epoxy Resin Nightmare is a nonlinear play (or fever dream) about girlhood and generational curses in the gothic deserts of Southern Idaho. A mother and daughter sharing time, space, and god, connect through themes of sexuality, bodily preservation, and big stinkin’ white lilies. Annabel Webster’s first play at The Spot asks you to wish for a savior but believe in the carnage of women everlasting. Directed by Annabel Webster, Kagen Albright + Wyatt Root Movement Coordinator Julia Ott Stage Manager Wyatt Root with support from Elena Vorm ​ featuring Spot Young Co. Alumni Chloe Khosrowshahi, Annabelle Lewis + Coco Vorm August 17-19 @ 7:30pm August 20 @ 4:00pm SPOT STUDIO SERIES: The Spot Studio Series is a selection of new and published theatrical works presented in our black box space with no frills (minimal tech.) These pop-up shows are stripped-back with short, galvanizing, concentrated rehearsal processes where actors and directors get to explore the text, source material and heart of the work. It’s our version of scene-study, but in classic Spot fashion, we do the whole thing. The Spot Studio Series …

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Locals Guide to the Miscellany II

On Wednesdays, there is one thing that everyone in the Wood River Valley, no matter where they are, where they live, or where they work does: read the Mt. Express. This long-time local source of news not only catches one up on the past week’s highlights, but also features a fun, long-standing tradition: Miscellany II aka Misc II. It is like Craigslist and internet trolling long before the internet. A section of the newspaper where anyone can submit free, anonymous commentary, Misc II is a must-read for anyone looking to be kept in the loop on town happenings, drama, or missed connections. In 150 words or less, submitters espouse on topics as diverse as dog poop at trailheads to the status of local hotsprings to calling someone out (though without using any names—a rule of Misc. II). To get the real scoop behind this small, but mighty section, Visit Sun Valley spoke to two lifelong locals, Spencer Cordovano and Jacob Frehling. Cordovano was born in Ketchum and is the man behind F11 films through which he has made movies with notable clients such as Matador Network, Smith, the Sun Valley Film Festival, Dropbox, and more. Frehling is the owner of …