Skateboard Champion Jedson Blue Waters

“I have been to a lot of different skateparks and I like the Hailey and Ketchum skateparks the best because they are smooth and they rock!”  – Jedson Blue Waters: 7-year-old 1st place skateboard competitor

One day, in 2005, after eating at the Snow Bunny fast food restaurant next to the Hailey Skate Park, Jed wanted to see what the kids were doing over there. Jed was wearing his Spiderman outfit. He was amazed at what the skateboarders were doing and wanted to know “when could he do that.” I told him he could try skateboarding when he was 32. I must admit, I wasn’t very crazy about the sport.

In April 2007, Jed was 5 and asked if he could try skateboarding. Santa had given him a skateboard and he wanted to try it out. We found a skateboard helmet at a local resale shop. Dad went to the Board Bin in Ketchum and bought the elbow and knee pads and wrist guards. And, just to be extra cautious, Dad put hockey pants on Jed. He took Jed to the skatepark and all that padding gave Jed the confidence to go for it. He did really well, almost too well for a beginner.

Soon, the older kids started calling him “Hockeypants Jed.” But by July he was done with the hockey pants and we bought him a “real” skateboard from the Board Bin. He entered a competition at the Guy Coles Ketchum Skate Park called the Concrete Rodeo Tour. His age group was 3-8 year olds. He placed 2nd. Then in August, the Board Bin put on a competition and Jed placed 2nd, again in his age group. The Board Bin gave great prizes, he won a snowboard jacket which he put to good use when he took up snowboarding that winter. In 2008, Jed was 6. He continued to love skateboarding. Dad took him to skateparks every day. He made a lot of friends there too. Some of them are like the older brother he never had, like Ben Parker, who shares skating tricks with Jed.

Jed entered 5 competitions that summer of 2008. The Concrete Rodeo Tour: Buhl = 2nd place, Ketchum = 1st place, McCall = 2nd place, and then he placed 3rd in the National Finals in McCall, all in his age group. In August, the Board Bin put on its “almost annual” competition and Jed placed first and won new skate shoes! Also during this summer, even though he had full padding and helmet, he managed to split open his chin and receive 8 stitches. This is why I wanted him to wait until he was 32 to skate!

In 2009, several skate shoes and skateboards later, Jed at age 7 continued his love of skating. He entered seven competitions that summer including the National Finals in Utah. He placed first in all of them! One of these competitions took place in Hailey. It was the first ever, and a huge success. During that comp, Jed skated in the 9-12 year old age group.

We are happy our son has a “passion” for something in life. This sport has taught him a lot about himself and people in many, many ways.

Q & A with Jedson

Q: When and how did you start skateboarding?
A: Since I was 5. Started with hockey pants and a full cage mask.

Q: What is your favorite place to skateboard in the Sun Valley area & why?
A: Hailey Skate Park because it is more challenging.

Q: What is your favorite activity when you are not skateboarding?
A: Snowboarding.

Q: When did you know that skateboarding was more than just a hobby?
A: I don’t know.

Q: What is your favorite non-skateboarding place in Sun Valley?
A: The bike path.

Q: Who do you consider your role model and why?
A: Ben Parker, because he helps with learning new tricks.

Q: What is the most important lesson you have learned?
A: Not to brag or lie.

Q: Where do you turn for motivation?
A: YouTube skate videos.

Q: What is your favorite way to warm up in the winter/cool down in the summer?
A: Hot chocolate and iced tea.

Q: What advice would you give to other people wanting to follow in your footsteps?
A: Gear up, get a helmet and pads, and get going.

Q: Favorite food?
A: Pizza and noodles.

Q: Song?
A: Toby Keith – Red, White and Blue

Q: Band?
A: Jackson 5

Q: Color?
A: Blue

Q: Time of day?
A: 2:30 when school is out.

Q: Movie?
A: Deck the Halls

Q: Book?
A: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Q: Place to eat?
A: Smokey Mtn Pizza

Q: Holiday?
A: Christmas

Q: How long have you lived in SV?
A: All my life.