How Sun Valley Serves Up Idaho’s State Vegetable

The potato is a very versatile vegetable, or tuber. One might even go so far to say that there is a potato for every occasion. Dinner – baked potato! Holidays – mashed potatoes! Party – vodka! Barbeque – potato salad! Breakfast – hash browns! Fast food – chips! Here in Idaho, we know a thing or two about potatoes and how to serve them right. From Canadian-styled poutine to traditional French shoestrings, here’s how Sun Valley serves up our official state vegetable.


Lefty’s: Monkey Fries

Monkey Fries at Lefty's in Ketchum, Idaho

Potato lovers know to grace their Lefty’s burgers and sandwiches with a side of monkey fries. The disc-shaped and rippled monkey is tossed with a slightly spicy, yet oh-so-delicious seasoning before fried to the perfect crisp. Dressed in fry sauce, or just plain ketchup, this Sun Valley staple is a favorite of locals and visitors alike.


Limelight: Truffle Fries

Truffle Fries at the Limelight Hotel in Ketchum, Idaho

If you’re craving a post-ski cocktail and tuber-fueled sustenance, look no further than Ketchum’s Limelight Hotel. The truffle fries here at will satisfy the classiest potato lover. Delicately seasoned and tossed in Parmigiano-Reggiano and herbs, these thin fries are best dipped in the delicious truffle aioli, and of course, ketchup.


Warfield Distillery and Brewery: Poutine

Poutine is a classic Canadian dish that originated in Quebec. Usually consisting of fries, melted cheese curds and gravy, the dish has recently seen a surge in popularity amongst millennials and hipsters, appearing in trendy restaurants with fresh new twists. With their own interpretation of this northern classic, the Warfield Distillery and Brewery satiates winter palates with a mouth-watering combination of French fries, Kimberly’s best diary cheese curds, cremini mushrooms, and gravy.


Apples Bar & Grille: Tachos

Relive the days of elementary school tater tots. The Tachos at Apples Bar and Grill have elevated the tater tot to the highest level of perfection known to man and woman alike. Dressed like nachos with melted cheese, avocado sauce, chili and more, tachos pair well with beer after a full day on the slopes.


Powerhouse: Hand Cut Fries and House-Made Ketchup

At the Powerhouse in Hailey, the state’s favorite tubers are hand-cut and made fresh to order. After a long, grueling bike ride or backcountry ski, these potatoes make a great appetizer, or hold their own next to a big, juicy burger. Dip them in the house-made ketchup, made from a recipe that even die-hard Heinz fans will deem finger-licking good.


Michel’s: Pomme Frites

For a little, je ne sais quoi, try the pommes frites served up in true French fashion at Michel’s Christiania. These classic shoestring fries are served with an eight-ounce, aged, certified Angus New York Steak with red wine sauce. Classic, classy, and delicious.


The Pioneer: Jim Spud

A baked potato like no other, the Pioneer’s Jim Spud boasts legendary local status and pleases a crowd. Served with Teriyaki beef and potato toppings like cheddar, sour cream, green onions and more, this over-the-top baked potato can serve as a meal on it’s own, or accompany a well-earned steak dinner.


Grumpy’s: Regular Fries

Grumpy's French fries in Ketchum, Idaho

What pairs best with a schooner of beer? A regular ‘ol basket of crispy French fries. Dipped in ketchup or premixed fry sauce (the legitimate love child of mayonnaise and ketchup), there’s nothing quite like a greasy pile of fries to satisfy your craving for Idaho’s favorite starch and Grumpy’s is the answer.

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