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Matt Duffin: Retrospection

Gilman Contemporary

Matt Duffin's encaustic paintings use primarily black and white tones with selected pops of color to bring attention to his irreverent subjects. Employing simplicity within the imagery allows the painstaking qualities of his methodology to shine. Encaustic works are made using wax to which pigment has been added. The wax is heated, applied to a prepared wood surface, and shaped using special brushes and tools. To achieve this level of detail requires exactitude and skill. Considering the rigorous amount of time it takes to complete each piece, it is no surprise that Duffin's themes tend to explore nostalgia, solitude and irony.


Paul Béliveau

Gilman Contemporary

Paul Béliveau’s Morandi is inspired by the often pastel-toned works of Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. While Béliveau has treated book spines as subject matter before, in the Morandi series the books themselves, rather than the text that decorates their covers, are treated as the aesthetic quality. Outside reference to author, subject, and image is missing and instead, Béliveau revels in the shape and volume of the books responding and building upon each other as a methodical convergence of color and form.


Imani Winds

The Argyros

Celebrating over a quarter century of music making, the twice GRAMMY nominated Imani Winds has led both a revolution and evolution of the wind quintet through their dynamic playing, adventurous programming, imaginative collaborations, and outreach endeavors that have inspired audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The ensemble’s playlist embraces traditional chamber music repertoire, and newly commissioned works from voices that reflect historical events and the times in which we currently live.

$35 – $60


The Argyros

ODC (Oberlin Dance Collective) was founded in 1971 by Artistic Director Brenda Way. Brenda, who trained under the legendary George Balanchine, moved ODC to San Francisco in 1976, aiming to ground the company in a dynamic and pluralistic urban setting. ODC was one of the first American companies to return, after a decade of pedestrian exploration, to virtuosic technique in contemporary dance and to commit major resources to interdisciplinary collaboration, including musical commissions, for the repertory. ODC performs its imaginative repertory for more than 50,000 people annually. The company has long been recognized for its rigorous technique as well as its wide ranging collaborations with other artists. In 2024, Brenda was inducted into the California Hall of Fame with a class that included other luminaries such as Ava DuVernay, Los Lobos, and The Go-Gos. The Argyros is honored to welcome this groundbreaking company and its visionary leader back to Ketchum!

$20 – $60

Puppy Pals LIVE!

The Argyros

Puppy Pals LIVE is a hilarious and heart-warming presentation for the whole family and the dog lover in all of us. This action-packed show stars adopted and rescued dogs performing spectacular stunts and breathtaking feats. Wesley Williams leads the puppies and audience through challenging and comical tricks, as they show everyone who is really boss! Full of surprises and laugh-out-loud canine comedy, this performance appeals to children of all ages. In every performance, we invite the audience to take part in the show, and maybe even step up on stage!

$20 – $30

Tylor & the Trainrobbers with Steven Denmark

The Argyros

For the past decade, Tylor & the Trainrobbers have been blazing trails, carving a path through the heartland with their roots country and Americana music. With boots worn thin from relentless touring, they've crisscrossed the country, honing their craft and delivering electrifying performances, leaving a trail of devoted fans in their wake. Brothers Tylor Ketchum, Jason Bushman, and Tommy Bushman form the core of this musical powerhouse. Tylor, the eldest, takes the reins as the band's frontman, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter, weaving stories through his lyrics. Jason, on bass and backup harmonies, and Tommy, on drums and harmony vocals, provide the steady heartbeat and backbone that defines the band's signature sound. Completing the quartet is Rider Soran, whose lead guitar, pedal steel, and lap steel chops add layers of depth and emotion to their music. Now, as the band gears up for their latest release, Hum of the Road, the excitement among their devoted fanbase is palpable. Recorded amidst the dust and heat of a Southern tour, this album is more than just a collection of songs—it's a sonic odyssey that captures the essence of the open road and the soul of the American musical landscape.

$20 – $50

Songs and Stories with Roger McGuinn

The Argyros

Get up close and personal with the magic of Roger McGuinn’s live performance of Songs and Stories! You’ll be transported by his legendary songs, complemented by stories and anecdotes that will give you a glimpse into the inspiration behind the music. With his iconic voice and unparalleled guitar skills, McGuinn is sure to deliver a night you won’t forget. “Mr. Tambourine Man” not only lived history, he made history with his fearless sense of experimentation. As the leader of the influential 60s group, The Byrds, he was on the leading edge, combining the rock beat of the Beatles with the folk sensibilities of Bob Dylan, to create a genre known as “folk-rock.” His groundbreaking work on The Byrds Sweetheart Of The Rodeo album is widely credited with ushering in the genre of country rock. Roger’s solo career began in 1973 and has yielded 13 albums, a Grammy nomination, and extensive touring and performing that has enthralled audiences ever since. The Byrds 1965 recording of Pete Seeger’s “Turn! Turn! Turn!” has become an iconic American anthem, and is often remembered as one of the most important folk-rock songs of the 1960s.

$25 – $75

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