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24 Hours with a Local: Trailhead Bicycles Owners Kyle Wies and Andy Solomon

After several years of working for Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in Victor, Jackson, and Idaho Falls, friends and business owners Kyle Wies and Andy Solomon—and Andy’s wife, Erin—decided to open their own bike shop in Hailey after seeing a hole in the market for a year-round bike shop. The two met at Fitzgerald’s in 2015 when Andy bought a fat bike from Kyle—two years later, Andy was working there too. They opened Trailhead Bicycles in April 2022 and have been busy ever since. Andy and Kyle live fairly opposite lives: Andy and Erin are parents to their 6-year-old daughter, Finley, and shop dog 11-year-old Elliott (if you’ve been in the shop, you’ve likely seen this huge, loveable guy) who all live in Woodside. When not on the bike, Andy and the family can be found outdoors doing it all—lake days, paddle boarding, hiking, and biking, of course. Kyle lives by himself in Ketchum, commuting daily to Hailey by biking on the bike path or reading on the bus. Kyle’s a big runner and reader when he’s not biking, and the two friends also like to get together to watch soccer. Assuming the trails are dry and ready for biking (a bit of a hypothetical after the extreme winter Sun Valley had this year), this is how the two would spend their ideal May day.

Kyle and Andy at Trailhead Bicycles

How does your ideal morning start?

Andy: Making some coffee at home and then adding on to my coffee intake by going to Black Owl and getting a snack. I love the iced coffee with brown sugar simple syrup, that’s my go-to there. And for food, whatever sounds good, there’s always a good variety and I like to keep things different every time. So, me, my wife Erin, and Finley would all grab some breakfast before Finley gets picked up by her grandmother for the day.

Kyle: In May when the sun’s up early, I like to get up early and just go for a quick walk. Get outside and watch the sun come up. Then I’ll go back and relax at the house for a while.

Where you heading mid-morning?

Andy: Then Erin and I would take our first bike ride of the day. We’d load up our mountain bikes and hit, depending on how we feel, start Greenhorn and either do Imperial or Mahoney-Lodgepole and get that first good ride of the day in.

Kyle: I’d catch up on reading. I’d ride my bike along the bike path to read along the river at the Sun Peak picnic area north of Ketchum.

What’s for lunch?

Andy: Head to grab a bite at Wrapcity, maybe the Chinese Chicken Salad wrap though I like a variety.

Kyle: I’d bring something from home to the picnic area to eat outside; that’s the whole point of the weather turning and the hours getting longer is to not be inside.

What’s your afternoon look like?

Andy: Swap out the mountain bikes for e-bikes to do a second ride of the day. Park at Frenchman’s out Warm Springs, go up Red Warrior and explore that area. Depending on how we’re feeling, going up to Mars Ridge or South Fork of Warm Springs and then ending back at the hot springs and soaking.Kyle: In May I’d get on the bike a little later in the heat of the day. I’d take my commuter bike, ride down the bike path to Adam’s Gulch or Lake Creek and then start up the mountain bike trails for a little ways, stop, hang the bike in a tree, and go for a run. It gets me deeper so I’m not running from the trailhead, I’m getting further in on the trails. I’ll run, walk, if I have enough time it could be hours—sometimes it’s short, sometimes it’s long. True mountain sport—road, gravel, mountain, running—get everything in. Then have a small beer, just 8 ounces, as soon as I’m done and warm in the sun. Then take a short nap.

Andy: After the hot springs, we’d find a spot to have a beer on a deck, maybe Warfield or Sawtooth Brewery, depending on what we’re feeling.

What’s for dinner?

Andy: Invite Grandma and Finley to meet up with us and have Rickshaw, our favorite restaurant in Ketchum.

Kyle: I like to cook—I tend to get “on” something and then I’ll make the same thing for a month. I was recently on cheesy cauliflower casserole but I’m kind of transitioning dishes.

Anything after dinner?

Andy: By that time we’re exhausted and Finley needs to go to sleep. Erin and I like to watch some Ted Lasso or Star Wars.

Kyle: I always hope there’s something going on, like live music. Otherwise, just take advantage of dark skies if the sky’s clear.

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