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8 Things You Don’t Want to Miss in Sun Valley This Spring

Spring in a mountain ski town frequently goes unsung and frequently nearly unnoticed.  It’s not uncommon for skiers to forget that the best skiing is right up to even after the mountain closes, as dreams of sunny beaches or rolling vineyards in lands far off frequently enchant those who wish spring would just do her thing and get on with it.  But spring is awesome and a time when renewed energy for stretching the legs and the mind in new directions spawns a whole new level of creativity.  So check out these fun, educational, artistic, or even downright goofy things you don’t want to miss out on in Sun Valley this spring! 1. The End of the Season Party It’s a bit sad when the season ends, but Sun Valley rally’s like no one else to close out a great year of spending days one end with good friends. Just don’t leave the top of the mountain too soon…(photo: Mark Oliver)   The season ender is always one of the highlights/low points of being a skier/snowboarder.  You’re sad because it’s over but somehow that makes you even more fired up to get after it and celebrate it properly.  And Sun …

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Cornucopia of Awesomeness- March Madness in Sun Valley

March in Sun Valley is the best. The short, cold days of winter slowly fade away as the sun climbs higher in the sky.  The daily routine slows down dramatically with the timing of snow conditions.  So take it from me, first off, there is no rush.  Start the day out right and drop by your local coffee house in town for an expertly made cappuccino before hitting the slopes.  After that caffeine hits your veins, the day will start to blossom.  It’s the time of year when the snow begins to soften around midday and you take comfort in knowing that it’s possible after a day of riding to slide your feet into the luxurious embrace of flip flops while having an après-ski beer on the outdoor patio at Lefty’s, Apples, or Warm Springs Lodge, sharing in the camaraderie of good friends.  At times it’s a challenge to just live in the moment.  So I advise relishing every second of every day.

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Sun Valley

A smattering of things you might not have know about Sun Valley, Idaho.