Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway held an abiding affection for central Idaho from his first visit to Sun Valley in 1939 until his death in his final home along the Big Wood River in the Sun Valley, Idaho area in 1961.

There are numerous Read Cowboys & Indians insightful article about Hemingway’s ties to Idaho here.

Things To Do:

  • Pay your respects at the Hemingway Memorial (1.5 miles east of the Sun Valley Lodge), at the Ketchum Cemetery (1026 N Main Street) or by visiting his favorite haunts (click here for a map).
  • Visit the Wood River Museum of History and Culture (208-726-8118) Hemingway fans, historians, and researchers will enjoy the dedicated Hemingway exhibit:  A Writer in New Country: Hemingway in 1939.
  • For a full immersive audio narrated walking tour experience, check out the Community Library’s Hemingway tour.
  • Check out the “Guide to Hemingway in Idaho” brochure with map of “Hemingway” locations, virtual Hemingway experiences, and recommended reading.
  • Discover all of Ernest Hemingway’s historical ties to the area with our blog: A Guide to Ernest Hemingway’s Sun Valley Legacy
  • Fans should make sure to attend the Ernest Hemingway Seminar hosted by The Community Library in Ketchum every September. Details can be found HERE.


  • The Community Library’s Hemingway in Idaho  The Community Library in Ketchum has a robust collection of artifacts and materials from Hemingway’s time in Idaho, and the Library is the custodian of his final home.
  • Jeanne Rodger Lane Center for Regional History

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