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Sun Valley Tour de Force

Sun Valley Tour de Force a Three-Day Charity Fundraiser July 26-28, 2018

Car fans of all ages gather to enjoy high speeds, supercars and cruising in the mountains

Sun Valley Tour de Force delivers high speeds, supercars, professional safety crews, hosted sponsor events and top luxury brands to car fans of all ages. It is a weekend of epic proportions. Drivers travel from all over the country to put their machines to the ultimate test on a closed stretch of Highway 75, affectionately called Phantom Hill. Hundreds of spectators share this experience of a lifetime from shaded seating while enjoying concessions and dishes from local restaurants. Additional weekend events include guided scenic mountain drives, a downtown car show, hosted sponsor events and evening activities.

Sun Valley Tour de Force is produced by Intrepid Events, Inc., an Idaho nonprofit. Intrepid Events aims to produce events that support local businesses, offer unique experiences for locals and visitors and raise funds for causes making a difference in the community.