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The Advocates

Hours of Operation

Our support and shelter services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our administrative offices are open from 9-5, Monday – Friday.

Teaching people of all ages to build safe lives!

At The Advocates, we envision a compassionate community, free from emotional and physical abuse. We see this as a basic human right of every member of our community.  To reach our goal, we teach people of all ages how to build and maintain healthy, positive relationships. We accomplish this through three program areas serving women, men, and children: education, shelter and support services.

Last year, 2,000 students participated in our education programs; another 2,000 community members joined our awareness events, such as Carbonate Hill climb; and more than 500 women, men, and children received shelter, healing, support, and transition services.

You might be surprised to learn about our extensive partnerships with other organizations in the valley. We all accomplish more, together. Our partners include Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley, St. Luke’s Hospital, The Hunger Coalition, CSI, and Public and Private Schools throughout our four county area.

Our programs give a child the tools to effectively stop a bully, and a newly dating teen the skills to establish safe and respectful boundaries in their relationship.  We help women, men, and children achieve healing and dignity after violence or abuse, and we set community members onto their new path in life.

To get help or get involved, visit, or call 208.788.4191 or 888.676.0066.  All of our services are offered in English and Spanish.

Together, we build safe lives – Speak Out!


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