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Sun Valley Institute for Resilience

Sun Valley Institute for Resilience (SVIR) advances community resilience in Idaho’s Wood River Valley region by educating, investing and collaborating to ensure that the economy, environment and people thrive. SVIR was founded in 2015 to accelerate resilient solutions that address the immediate threats of food insecurity, income inequality, and climate change. We are committed to creating a robust, healthy food system and building stronger communities. Since our founding, we launched and hosted the Sun Valley Forum, increased local solar deployment in our community by 500% in a single year, collaborated to implement a farm to school lunch program, integrated resilience into our County’s Comprehensive Plan, and ran a successful $5 for Farmers campaign that resulted in over 300 community members committing to support local farmers all year long. Leveraging our work through our program, the Local Food Alliance, SVIR is currently focusing its programs on food and agriculture as a keystone to building a stronger and more resilient community.  Current Sun Valley Institute for Resilience programs include the Impact Idaho Fund, which provides capital to regional businesses to implement resilient solutions; 5B Resilience Gardens, a collaborative initiative to share resources for gardening, food preparation and self-sufficiency; and the Locally Grown Guide, the comprehensive guide to eating locally in the Wood River Valley.

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