CENTERED by Dr. Molly Brown 5 day reset


Centered by Dr. Molly Brown's 5-Day Reset Program – a transformative group experience at our clinic in Sun Valley, Idaho. In one of the world’s most energetically healing places, we invite you to experience our consciousness-focused Reset that focuses on neuro and cellular regenerative modalities, poised to offer profound restoration of health, vitality and mental clarity. What You Will Experience: • 10x your mental, physical, neurological, and emotional health • Virtual consultation with Dr. Molly Brown’s team to support a fully customized schedule and protocol throughout the Reset • Neurological-based modalities that quickly pin-point and transform the root cause of any underlying health issues including AMIT, QNRT, neurofeedback, PEMF, infrared, Live 02, Vasper • In-person 1x1 Discovery Appointment with Dr. Molly Brown to kick-start the 5 Day Reset • Daily morning meditation, breathwork, and intentional movement sessions by Adi Amar • Personalized protocol plan to meet your specific health needs and goals, inclusive of a supplemental regime (supplements sold separately) • Closing ceremony featuring intention setting and Crystal Alchemy Bowl Sound Bath meditation by Cathie Caccia • Daily meal plan featuring high-vibration and detoxifying foods, • Please note, this is an alcohol and substance free experience

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