The Smithsonian Magazine Names Ketchum Top 20 Small Town in US!

In the words of Smithsonian Magazine, small towns "beckon from nearly every corner of the country, from grand rivers and awesome mountains, from the Great Plains and a misty farm valley and a venerable whaling harbor, and what never fails to charm us is that each one follows its own, unhurried clock, saving up stories to tell and making time to talk. They are America's Best Small Towns to visit, and for this, our third annual search-and-enjoy mission, we've singled out communities for particular strengths in history, music, visual arts, learning, food, theater and science. It's not solitude we're seeking—the fruits of human creativity are best shared—but, rather, enrichments unbothered by the growl of our increasingly urban lives…"

And with this they went on to name Ketchum, Idaho one of their favorite Top 20 Towns in the US.  For more read the story here


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