Sun Valley Bustling With Great Fall Events!

While the rest of the resorts around the country are headed into the fall hibernation before winter strikes, Sun Valley is rife with a slew of great events this fall.  As the seasons turn and leaves take their color, the town gets painted with a wide variety of fun, cultural, and visit-worthy events and festivals.  

Sun Valley Harvest Festival:  September 18-22

This localvore foodie extraganza is packed with "Foodie Adventures", outings which feature the best of Sun Valley's recreation and cultural offerings paired with culinary escapes as well as restaurant walks, cooking demonstrations and the gamut of parties and fun foodie offerings all weekend long.  For more info go to:

The Wood River Valley Studio Tour:  September 23-28

Sun Valley has been recognized as one of the finest small art communities in the nation and this event puts the spotlight on the artists in studio allowing visitors to mingle through the valley and see the art in progress.  Over 50 galleries will participate in this second annual event which features cocktail receptions, educational forums and panels, as well as the valley in its glory with art as the highlight of the weekend.  For more informaion visit:

The Trailing of the Sheep Festival:  October 8-12

Long ago after the gold and silver bust, all that remained of the Sun Valley economy was its sheep industry. A century later this tradition of driving sheep from the winter pastures to the high country in summer with a retreat through the valley once again in mid-fall, continues.  Embark on an immersive weekend in western culture with sheep and the ranching families and traditions which make this event one of the most widely acclaimed cutlural events in the country.  From a fiber festival, to foodie offerings featuring famous Idaho lamb, to western story telling and the famous Trailing of the Sheep Parade where several thousand sheep march through the streets of Ketchum as they have each spring and fall since the 1800's, this is an event that is more relevant today than ever.  More:

CrosstoberFest:  October 17-18

If we had two favorite things here it would be bikes and beer.  CrosstoberFest is the combination and culmination of this love and this very special time of year.  With two full days of cyclocross racing and a beer festival tossed into one, you need to grab your tight shorts, ironic costume items, and desire for a heady weekend and head to Sun Valley.  Over 40 beers will be on tap and the weekend will be raging with live music each day as well.  More info:


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