Skip a stone on a Sun Valley lake right from your computer

Are you seeking solace from your hectic work schedule and want to “Skip Town”?  Well, now you can – right from your computer!  Visit where you'll find yourself a pristine mountain lake where you can use technology to skip a stone across water.

You control the trajectory and power of your stone toss from your keyboard.  You can then post a video of your “skip” on Facebook and Twitter as well as compare results on the leaderboard, inviting your friends to try and beat your toss.

While virtually escaping to Sun Valley, you can also enter to win an all-expenses-paid trip for two with the “Pack Your Getaway Car” contest.  To enter, pack a virtual car for your dream 5-day vacation in Sun Valley choosing from a robust selection of prizes. From mountain biking and horseback riding, to fine dining and live performances, the car continues to fill with incredible Sun Valley offerings. Once the car is full, you simply close the doors to the car and you're entered to win a customized Sun Valley experience.

Meet Skippy, the Stone Skipping Robot

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