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  • Travel to Sun Valley, Idaho Direct Flights

Travel to Sun Valley, Idaho

Discover current filghts and transportation into and around the Sun Valley area. Sun Valley, Idaho may seem like a remote destination but getting here is easier than you might think. Yes, we do have an airport only 12 miles from Ketchum/Sun Valley. Boise, the capital of Idaho, is the biggest airport in the state and is a mere 2.5 hour drive. Boise is typically the most affordable flight routing when not flying directly in to Sun Valley. Twin Falls & Idaho Falls are also great options.

Driving is certainly a great alternative for getting to Sun Valley. The roads are typically well-maintained with relatively flat, straight stretches. Keep scrolling to dig deeper on ways to get to the Original Mountain Town.


Fly Nonstop to Sun Valley, Idaho



Nonstop Flights to Sun Valley (SUN)

Fly nonstop into Sun Valley from 6 major cities. Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) is located a mere 12 miles south of Sun Valley/Ketchum in Hailey, ID.

Nonstop flights to Sun Valley, Idaho include:

Seattle, WA  | SEA

  • Alaska Airlines flies nonstop daily, June 8 – September 8 

  • Additional service runs Thursday, Friday, Sunday | September 12 - November 30

  • Explore Flights from SEA to SUN

San Francisco, CA | SFO

  • United Airlines flies nonstop daily, June 20 – September 4

  • Nearby airports to consider: SFO (nonstop to SUN*), Oakland (30min drive) & San Jose (1hr drive)

  • Oakland travelers should consider flying to Boise on Southwest Airlines

  • Explore Flights from SFO to SUN

Los Angeles, CA | LAX

  • United Airlines flies nonstop daily, June 20 – September 4
  • Nearby airports: LAX (nonstop to SUN*), Hollywood Burbank (30min drive), Long Beach (30min drive), John Wayne (1hr drive) & Ontario (1hr drive)

  • Explore Flights from LAX to SUN

Salt Lake City, UT | SLC

Denver, CO | DEN

Chicago, IL | ORD

  • United Airlines current only flies nonstop on Saturday’s in the winter at this time
  • Nearby airports: O’Hare (nonstop to SUN*), Midway (1.5hr drive) & Mitchell (1.5hr drive)

  • Midway travelers should consider flying in to Boise on Southwest Airlines

  • Explore Flights from ORD to SUN 

Other great options for getting to Sun Valley, Idaho include flying in to Boise, Twin Falls or Idaho Falls, Idaho. More info below

Airlines That Fly Non-Stop to Sun Valley, Idaho

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Book flights to Sun Valley, Idaho on Delta Airlines

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Book flights to Sun Valley, Idaho on United Airlines

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Nonstop Winter Flight Schedule to Sun Valley | 2018-2019

Winter Flight Schedule to Sun Valley, Idaho

Nonstop Summer Flight Schedule to Sun Valley | 2019

Sun Valley Summer 2019 Flight Schedule


Travel Tips: Weather Diversions

There's no denying that weather can be a factor when flying in to the Sun Valley airport in the winter. While we rejoice at these opportunities for snow on the ski hills, it can delay your Sun Valley travel plans. Fortunately, our community has a special diversion busing program in place that allows passengers to arrive and/or depart from an alternative nearby airport on the same schedule.

If you're flying in to Sun Valley on United or Delta airlines and are diverted, in most cases you will land in Twin Falls, Idaho. This is a mere 75 miles from your original intended destination. If you are flying Alaska airlines, in most cases you will be diverted to Boise which is 140 miles from your original intended destination. 

The good news is that if you are diverted, the airport has orchestrated a comfortable motorcoach to get you to your final destination free of charge! Grab a beverage, a bite, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It's way better than being stuck paying for an airport hotel on your own dime. 

What to Expect if You've Been Diverted - United & Delta

Diversion Insights for Alaska Airlines

Sun Valley Weather Diversion Hotlines:

  • Sun Valley Airport | 208-401-9259
  • United | 208-788-4887
  • Alaska | 208-788-1281 prompt #4
  • Delta | 208-788-4887

More in-depth resources can be found below:

Weather Related Diversions Blog


Alternative Flight Routes to Sun Valley


Fly to Boise - Drive/Shuttle to Sun Valley (2.5hrs)

  • This is often the most affordable routing opportunity when flying is part of your travel plans. 
  • Serviced by United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, US Airways, Alaska Air and Allegiant Air.
  • Airport code for Boise: BOI
  • Sun Valley Express Shuttle

Fly to Twin Falls - Drive/Shuttle to Sun Valley (1.5hrs)

  • Serviced by Delta/Skywest
  • Airport code for Twin Falls: TWF
  • Take the Salt Lake Express non-stop from Twin Falls to Sun Valley & Ketchum

Fly to Idaho Falls - Drive/Shuttle to Sun Valley

  • Serviced by Delta/Skywest, Allegiant Air and United Express
  • Airport code for Idaho Falls: IDA

Private Charter

Ground Transportation to Sun Valley

Driving Map from Boise to Sun Valley


Driving to Sun Valley

Traveling to Sun Valley by car is popular amogst visitors and residents alike due to the typically friendly road conditions and relative ease of navigating. Flying in to Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls and even Salt Lake City are great alternatives to flying directly in the Sun Valley. 

Drive from Boise

Drive from Twin Falls

Drive from Idaho Falls 

Idaho Road Conditions

  • For current road conditions throughout Idaho, click here.

Shuttle Service

Daily shuttles from Boise are available on the Sun Valley Express (twice daily) and will take travelers directly to Sun Valley. Also the Salt Lake City airport is just 4.5 hours away.

Getting Around Sun Valley and Ketchum

Rental Cars

The three major rental car companies in the area are:

  • Avis (208)788-2382 - located at the Friedman Memorial Airport Terminal at 1616 Airport Way in Hailey, ID
  • Hertz (208)788-4548 - also located at the terminal
  • Enterprise (208)578-1156 - down the road from the airport at 1220 Airport Way. Call for pickups and reservations.

Bus Service

Ketchum & Sun Valley Mountain Rides bus route

When you visit Sun Valley, it's a breeze to get around. No need to rent a car; just hop on one of the FREE and easy Mountain Rides buses that will get you where you need to go around Ketchum and Sun Valley. With four "Around Town" routes in the Summer and six in the Winter, it's easy to get to your many destinations including Dollar and Bald Mountain, Ketchum Town Square, Sun Valley Resort, and dozens of other stops. Bus schedules differ by route, with many coming as often as every 15 minutes. And skis, snowboards, and bicycles are no sweat! All of the buses are equipped with ski and bike racks to handle your recreational equipment.

Mountain Rides Bus Service in Sun Valley & Ketchum, Idaho

Mountain Rides 

  • Daily, free bus service is available to Sun Valley, Warm Springs, River Run Plaza, Dollar Mountain, Downtown Ketchum, and Elkhorn Springs.
  • The Valley Route serves Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley. It currently runs every 30 minutes during the peak commute time, hourly midday, and late evening trips Monday through Saturday until 11pm. The Valley Route bus will go to River Run on the weekends through ski season.
  • The Hailey Route serves downtown Hailey, Community Campus, St. Luke’s Hailey Clinic and will drop off near Friedman Airport and Woodside plus deviations to the Senior Connection. It currently runs hourly from 8am to 5:46pm, Monday - Friday.
  • The (winter only) Galena Ride & Glide is back for a 3rd season. The route will run December 21st-December 31st every day and will run Friday through Sunday, January 4th-March 3rd, 2019.

Travelers can pick up a schedule at the Visitor Center located at 491 Sun Valley Road in Ketchum, ID.

Bike Share Program

Mountain Rides Bike Share Program - Sun Valley, Idaho

In addition to offering bus services, Mountain Rides also provides a series of town bike share options. BikeShare uses wireless technology, GPS and a lock system to locate, reserve and ride any of the bikes. Reserve a bike from the website, smartphone app or the keypad on the bike.

Taxis & Uber

There are 2 main taxi companies operating out of the Wood River Valley. Reservations ahead of time are highly recommended as service times vary. 

Uber is also another option in the Valley. Late night driver availability can vary. Estimated rates can be found here.

Learn More: Read our Fly to Sun Valley blog post.

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