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July 31, 2023 - August 4, 2023

Sun Valley Joy Summit 2023

Introducing the Sun Valley Joy Summit – A Revolutionary Wellness Festival for Mind, Body, and Soul

KETCHUM, ID –Event organizers are thrilled to announce an upcoming wellness event, Sun Valley Joy Summit (SVJS), which aims to inspire and empower individuals to embrace happiness and prioritize their well-being. This event will take place on July 31 to Aug. 4 at various locations in Ketchum and will feature a range of activities and experiences designed to promote joy, positivity, and self-care. SVJS brings together thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from various wellness disciplines to inspire individuals on their personal wellness journeys.

“We believe that joy is an essential part of living a fulfilling life,” said Hillary Anderson, event organizer. “SVJS will provide a platform for individuals to come together, learn from experts, and explore practices that can bring more happiness and well-being into their lives. We want to create an event that inspires and empowers attendees to prioritize their own self-care journey.”

The inaugural gathering is tailored to like-minded individuals, wellness enthusiasts, and experts who believe in the transformative power of cultivating joy in our lives. This event will offer a holistic approach to well-being, focusing on mental, physical, and emotional health. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of wellness through interactive workshops, engaging talks, and immersive experiences.

“We believe in flexibility and attendees may register for all five days or could elect which day(s) interest them most,” says Anderson.

Highlights of SVJS include:

  • Inspiring Keynote Speakers: Renowned thought leaders and wellness experts will share their insights, personal experiences, and strategies for finding joy and maintaining a balanced life. Attendees can gain valuable knowledge and practical tools to incorporate into their own well-being practices.
  • Engaging Workshops: Participants will have the chance to dive deep into various wellness disciplines such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nutrition, and stress management. Led by experts in their respective fields, these workshops will provide hands-on experiences and actionable tips for fostering happiness and well-being.
  • Joyful Experiences: Cultivate Joy is all about creating joyful moments. Attendees can enjoy interactive activities like art, yoga, qi gong, and live sound bath, dance, Feng Shui, and a cacao ceremony. These experiences will encourage positive emotions, connection, and a sense of playfulness.
  • Networking and Community Building: Cultivate Joy aims to foster a supportive and inclusive community. Attendees will have ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, build new relationships, and form a network of wellness enthusiasts and practitioners.

The event is open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in embracing wellness, seeking inspiration, and nurturing their happiness. Tickets will be available for purchase through the event website, starting June 26. Early bird discounts will be offered on registrations made before July 10.

For sponsorship opportunities, media inquiries, or further information please contact Hillary Anderson at [email protected] or (208) 720-5239. High-resolution images and additional information are available upon request.

For more info: https://cultivatejoyketchum.com/sun-valley-joy-summit/ or 208-720-5239.


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