Sun Valley Joy Summit 2024

Cultivate Joy

The Sun Valley Joy Summit is back with another extraordinary edition, offering attendees an immersive journey into the depths of their being to discover pure joy within themselves, all within the beautiful landscapes of Sun Valley, Idaho. From June 5, 2024, to June 9, 2024, the SVJS will bring together a diverse array of practitioners and experts, delivering a curated selection of workshops and activities designed to nurture the soul and ignite transformative experiences. Sun Valley welcomes back esteemed astrologer David Pond, who will be offering insightful astrological changes, and world-renowned Gary Quinn, who is speaking on the power of YES! Yoga enthusiasts will find sanctuary in sessions led by expert practitioners such as Shawn Phillips and Victoria Roper. Cathie Caccia's mesmerizing singing bowl-focused yoga class promises to transport participants to profound relaxation and rejuvenation. Cal Millar's exceptional Qi Gong session, enriched with singing bowls' resonance, offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery and inner peace. Keep moving with Kristi Stangeland, who provides a joyful movement class called Essentrics, and Tyia Wilson, who guides us in Ecstatic Dance to create 'good vibrations.' Katie Rogers and Hillary M. Anderson offer two Feng Shui classes to empower you to live a life you ...


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