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Sun Valley Woman Solves the Problem So Many Hand Sanitizers Pose
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Ever heard the sayings “necessity is the mother of invention” or “where there’s a will, there’s a way”  Well, SUN VALLEY REMEDIES evolved for just those reasons.    Here’s our story….

First, we go back to the 70’s, when Alison Rosen was born with eczema.  Growing up, her doctors would always give her topical medicines that she was allergic to, or steroids that were obviously horrible for her entire body. She always knew that there was a better, gentler, more effective way to treat not only her eczema, but how to work with it.  Your skin is your largest organ, and is really a window into the rest of your body.

OK, fast forward to the next millennium…Alison is now a young woman, with a college degree under her belt.  She’s also been a massage therapist (check out her testimonials!) for a decade.  WELL… Alison began reacting to the products she was using with her clients.  She tried many different brands….nothing worked.  She refused to start using those horrible medicines again, but she had to work.

So, SUN VALLEY REMEDIES was born! Alison began experimenting in her kitchen with different ingredients. She needed to create a unique moisturizer.  This moisturizer needed to be suitable for both her profession as a massage therapist, as well as for her personal needs (SUN VALLEY, IDAHO is located in a high-mountain desert, extremely arid climate).

Please visit our PRODUCTS page, to learn more about the benefits of each line, as well as the different aromatherapy (and naked) blends available.  CONTACT US to create your own signature, private label product at very reasonable rates.

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