Apparel/Sporting Goods

Armstrong-Root Opticians

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday : 10am to 6pm
Sunday (Seasonal) : 12pm to 5pm

One glance at owner Laurrine McGowan is all it takes to understand the aesthetic of Sun Valley’s Armstrong-Root Opticians: minimal, elegant, and precise. From the clean lines of the boutique eyewear gallery to the designer frames on display within, everything at Armstrong-Root feels stylish, crisp, and inviting.

Armstrong-Root Opticians has been a staple for eyewear enthusiasts in the Valley for over two decades, having started business in Bel Air and Brentwood, California, near the center of the entertainment industry.  By focusing on customer service, personal style, and high fashion, Armstrong-Root quickly garnered a reputation as the best place to find quality eyewear and personalized eye care.

“Since Armstrong-Root opened, the idea has been to combine fashion, state-of-the-art eye health exams, and quality with the highest level of customer service,” says McGowan.  “We want to provide our clients with a unique blend of sophistication and luxury.”

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