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Dining & Nightlife

Your locals don’t end up being acclaimed as a “genetic experiment gone terribly right” without seriously good sustenance.

Local, organic and sustainable are spoken here where chefs bring their creativity to the table.

Coffee and pastry shops jump-start your morning or power up your afternoon. You'll find fondue at 8,000 feet, sushi, big steaks, meatless Asian fusion tapas, your first football-size Idaho potato, right on down to let’s-break-some-rules-because-I’m-on-vacation dinners deserving of the name Decadent.

Whether you're looking for a post-workout lunch, pre-theater dinner, or wee-hour nightcap where Ernest Hemingway downed a few in his day, Sun Valley and Ketchum's more than 50 restaurants and nightlife locales will fuel your system and fire up your adventures.

The local-foodie fans, sustainability advocates and devotees of the Wood River Farmers’ Market would not lie to you: the banks of the Big Wood River is the place to put some culinary culture under your belt.

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